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Holiday Season Home Decorating Ideas

One big holiday downer can be the task of pulling out the boxes of old decorations from storage. However, there is a reason for all of these decorations - to add a bit of visual cheer to every room! Check out these decorating tips to help make the process easy and fun.

a room with fireplace and Christmas decor

Decide On A Look And Feel

Choose a classy holiday look, a funky theme, a kid-friendly atmosphere, or another style this year. If you have a plan in place and colors in mind before you set out shopping, you are sure to have a more cohesive and attractive holiday display. Check out a few examples:

  • Traditional
    • Colors: Red and green
    • Decor: Ornaments, lights, stockings, wreaths, snowflakes, poinsettia, stripes, candy canes, tinsel, garland
  • Classy
    • Colors: White/off-white and gold/silver
    • Decor: Candles, ornaments, white lights, vases, ribbons, simple wreaths, stars, bells, glitter
  • Country
    • Colors: Deep green, rustic neutrals, deep red
    • Decor: Fabrics, evergreens, pinecones, candles, wooden ornaments, anything earthy or weathered
  • Kid-Friendly
    • Colors: Red, green, and everything in between
    • Decor: Holiday characters, garland, multi-colored lights, blinking lights, candy canes, homemade ornaments
  • Funky
    • Colors: Dark blue, pink, or purple
    • Decor: Solid colored lights, polka dots, sparkles, big ribbons, fun patterns

Decorate With Your Personal Style

Just because red, green, and glitter are the holiday norm doesn't mean that you have to abandon your personal taste. Put your own twist on the decorations that adorn your home for the holidays. Feel free to use colors that work with your furniture and home decor, colors that coordinate with the wrapping paper you love, or simply colors that appeal to you.

Don't Go Overboard

Although you might own boxes full of decorations and ornaments, you don't have to put them all up. It can be tempting to cover every inch of your house with tinsel and lights, but you must resist. Decorating with less instead of more leads to a classier look (and makes the whole process easier).

Pick something to be the focal point of the room and then decorate around it. When you decide to decorate the tree, try using ornaments that were gifts, homemade by the kids, or are simply your favorites. You don't have to throw away old ornaments, but you can pick and choose which ones go up each year.

Involve Your Kids

Decorating the tree is not the only time to get your kids involved. Let your kids make decorations for the whole house. You can even save them for next year. Need ideas? Here are some quick, kid-friendly holiday decorating projects to try:

  • Make snowman cut-outs to string as garland
  • Customize porcelain ornaments from a craft store
  • Decorate a wreath to hang up indoors or outdoors
  • Assemble a felt wall hanging with a holiday theme
  • Use pinecones to create fun and thrifty holiday centerpieces
  • String together holiday cards you've received and hang them up
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