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Lake George Fishing Tips

Wow, it is a beautiful morning! The birds are chirping and the Adirondacks smell unbelievable. Your senses are alive and encountering those feelings we look forward to all year. So, how do we fill the rest of the day with those same feelings? For me, it means, 'Let's go fishing!' You can go shopping and walk in a mall anytime and any place. You cannot take a boat or walk to a lake, stream, pond or river's edge just anywhere. And you especially can't find such a pristine place as the Lake George regionof New York State.

The fishing opportunities are almost endless, so I will point out a few places. Obviously there is Lake George, as well as the Schroon River, Glen Lake, Schroon Lake, Lake Champlain, Hudson River, Brant Lake, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, Paradox Lake, Eagle Lake, Jabe Pond, Lake Luzerne, Round Pond, Palmer Pond, Crane Pond, plus numerous others.

Most of these bodies of water are stocked with Trout. There are stocking lists available from NYS DEC as well as Warren County, and there is also information about the stockings at most fishing tackle shops. The bass fishing is very popular and productive in the area lakes. We host upwards of 100 tournaments in the area every year. There are many small club tournaments as well as large sponsored events on Lake George and Lake Champlain.

If trolling for Lake Trout and Salmon are more your taste, the opportunity and quality of the fishing is exceptional. Our three larger lakes, George, Champlain and Schroon all have healthy natural reproduction of Lake Trout. WE HAVE WORLD CLASS LAKE TROUT FISHING! The salmon which are Atlantic salmon are all stocked. They are acrobatic, and are some of the prettiest fish you will ever see. Lake Champlain also has Rainbows for you trollers out there. If you do not know what type of fishing you like, we have many licensed professional guides to choose from.

In our smaller bodies of water the fly fishing and ultra light spin fishing is fantastic. The state stocks hundreds of thousands of fish through out the area: they stock brook trout, rainbow trout and brown trout.

With all of the fantastic opportunities to fill your senses with one of the most beautiful places on our planet, take the opportunity to go fishing and commune with nature at the same time.

Good Luck and Go Catch a Good Time and a bonus fish while you're at it.

Jeff (Jeffrey) Goldberg
FISH 307 llc
800-FISH307 (3474)

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