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The Ancient Language of Psychics & Mediums with Tracy Fluty, Professional Medium

When: Saturday, Feb 3, 2018 - 10:00 AM to 4:00 AM

In this interactive workshop, we will delve into the ancient language of Psychics and Mediums exploring Spiritual Divination, the Paranormal & Supernatural,  and the intuitive origins within our spiritual DNA.  You will gain a deeper sense of Self as you discover your own talents and spiritual resources that will allow you to fully embrace the 2018 journey ahead. Registration REQUIRED.

Topics discussed will be:

  • Spirit Guides & your life purpose
  • Defining the Paranormal and Supernatural
  • Giving Messages through Trancing, Automatic Writing, Seances (aka “Message Circles”)
  • Spiritual significance of the Animal Phylum and Animal Totems
  • Soul Mates vs. Twin Flames
  • The art and soul of Mediumship
  • Tools of Divination
  • Building confidence in your own Psychic & Medium abilities

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