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Having a Dental Emergency in Lake George? Here’s What You Should Know

This article is sponsored by Dr. J. Brett Ryan, the North Country Dentist.

Nothing can put a damper on a great Lake George vacation like a toothache. Fortunately for vacationers and locals alike, the North Country Dentist is here to handle all of your dental emergencies!

Dr. J. Brett Ryan is experienced in handling dental emergencies, and he’s given us an overview of steps that should be taken and what to expect.

Whether the issue is large or small, Dr. Ryan tells patients, “If it hurts, call.” As soon as an area becomes infected, a dental issue can become life-threatening, so it’s important to get treatment right away. Even if infection isn’t a factor yet, oral pain can make it hard to eat, which impacts your daily life.

Once you enter the dentist’s office, a simple interview of the history of the problem is conducted, and an effective and efficient diagnosis is made. This diagnosis is then confirmed by clinical tests and an x-ray of the area in question.

Radiographs are one of our most powerful tools in dentistry because you can only see so much with your eyes,” Dr. Ryan says. “Modern dental radiographs are not only extremely safe because of digital technology, but they also reveal things going on inside the tooth and the surrounding bone. We may even find something else that could be a potential problem in the future.”

After a diagnosis has been confirmed, the next step is treatment. Dr. Ryan says, “Regardless of the condition, I will never let a patient walk out in pain or any other condition that threatens their well-being.” Depending on the severity of the issue, it will either be treated palliatively until a future date or treated definitively at that time.

A new piece of technology Dr. Ryan uses are 3-D printed crowns that are made right on site. With this technology, crowns can be fabricated in under two hours. That means no more walking around with a missing tooth, and the solution is permanent. Those visiting from out of town will also not need to wait and see their dentist when they return home.

If you have a dental emergency in the Lake George area, call 518-668-5457 and Dr. Ryan will see you either that same day or the next business day. He always accepts those who are visiting from out of town because, as he says, “No one deserves to be in pain!”