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Justy-Joe Sport fishing: Your Landlocked Salmon Connection

As we settle into the dog days of summer the Salmon action is heating up on Lake George! Clients last week struck gold (or silver I should say) boating several nice salmon ranging from 20 to 29 inches and a couple large males tipping the scales at 9 pounds. These fish are hard hitters and ferocious fighters often leaping out of the water numerous time attempting to shake the hook. The Landlocked Salmon on Lake George has the reputation of being a rare find, an illusive mythological creature that may only present itself to the chosen ones! Of course this is simply not true and although it may seem that way the fact is that the population of salmon is still not quite what it used to be.

The good news is that a new strain of salmon was introduced to that lake a few years ago and it seems to be paying off as catch rates have increased slightly. This “Sebago” strain of salmon seems to be doing quite well and hopefully we will continue to see them flourish in the crystal-clear waters of Lake George. There is surely no shortage of bait around and with the large pods of smelt and cisco that we’ve been marking on our Humminbird fish finders as well as many other species of fish fry, these salmon have nothing short of an all you can eat bait-fish buffet to gorge themselves on.

This past week was RED-HOT for Dad with numerous hook-ups just about every day out. These wily salmon can be tough to get into the net as they often charge the boat and make last-minute energetic runs that can easily break you off if you aren’t paying attention. Saturday was a nasty day but the fish bit well, Dad and crew boated four nice salmon with two in the 8 to 9 pound range and lost another in the low twenties. We decided to take a quick trip in the afternoon with the kids as the weather cleared up and they love going out on Grandpa’s boat. The bite is typically not as good in the afternoon but we still connected with one salmon, a laker, a couple nice small mouth bass and a fruitless popped-release that we’re going to assume was a salmon of course. You can’t have a day of fishing without a “big one that got away” story, right?!

Let’s go fishing! It’s salmon time, book a trip today and let us put you on the Silver!

Dad with a couple rainy day slammers. This group endured soaking down-pours but I don’t think they even noticed!
Dad with a nice keeper and my two favorite people in the world!