All Seasons Wild

Living the outdoor life aboard the Justy-Joe

Avery with a dandy Eye she netted for her little sister!
Avery and Charlotte Greco with big fish and big smiles!

We absolutely love taking youngsters out fishing. It’s all about making memories and there is no better way to connect with kids than getting them on the water for a action-packed angling adventure.

My kids love being on the boat and love to fish, but the thing they love most is the “snack party” we have. This consists of chips or whatever junk-food I allow them to indulge in which sets the tone for the whole day and gets them excited for the trip. As they are still very young, I keep the fishing to a minimum and maximize the time spent doing whatever they feel like which is usually swimming and playing on the boat. This is something I learned from Dad, don’t push your kids too hard! They will get discouraged and grow to dislike whatever it is you want them to do. Keep it low-key and fun at first and if well received then you can kick things up a bit.

My girls will usually get bored after an hour or so and we call it quits and go do something else, but every time we go they are fresh and excited about it. That’s the way it should be. They had a great time this past weekend and caught quite a few nice fish. We managed a few nice walleye, a bass and a big jack perch which was great because seeing the different species really kept them interested. I let them net every fish and put them in the live-well if to be kept for dinner. All these activities are little things you can do to get them excited about the sport and keep them busy when they’re out on the boat. On our fleet we take extra special care of our young anglers and make sure they have a positive experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.