All Seasons Wild

Memorial day action aboard the Justy-Joe

Another dandy laker pushing the scale at twelve pounds. Caught and released what a dandy!
First fish of the day Saturday morning caught on Dad’s boat, what a beauty. There’s nothing like fighting a big mature landlocked salmon on light tackle!

As we approach the summer months we can’t help but to get excited as we know this period can be some of the best fishing of the year. The water is getting warmer and the fish will start to settle into some of their most predictable patterns of the year. Fish are still up high at times but for the most part the shallow water bite will start to become less consistent. This past week was action packed and customers were busy catching, netting and snapping photos which kept them on the edge of their seats waiting for the rods to “pop”. You can’t kill em’ every day as they say, but it seems this year the fish populations are up and they are on the feed.

Dad and Steve have been doing very well up North. The past couple trips have been busy days with good numbers caught and good quality fish hitting the deck! Customers this past weekend were elated with some big fish and great weather. As summer progresses we can really start to dip into the “bag of tricks” incorporating more to our trolling programs to target fish in different parts of the water column. We are anticipating a great year for salmon and so far a few dandies have been landed, this action will pick up later on in the summer.

Come aboard the Justy-Joe and enjoy some of the finest fishing in upstate NY. The bite has been hot and it will only get hotter as the season progresses. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the dock!