All Seasons Wild

Cold weather producing hot action aboard the Justy-Joe

Dad’s first trip this year produced this lunker tipping the scales at 13lbs.
I hooked up with this big boy alone but had to snap a quick pic. What a beautiful healthy fish, a prime candidate for catch and release.

The past week has been chilly to say the least.  Early in the week we faced morning temperatures in the thirties and a few people even asked me if I had my ice auger with me just in case! As we struggled to keep warm on our boats the fish still seemed to cooperate and the action proved to be quite consistent. Light winds which are always a treat on the queen can be such a pleasure to fish in as they dictate so much and help us keep our trolling speeds within the magic range. The water temperatures are starting to creep up into the high-forties and even low-fifties in certain areas and we have found fish to be in shallow but overall in the 20 to 60 foot range. Lake trout can also be targeted in deeper water on bottom virtually all year round. This should be the next place you check if you are striking out in the shallows.

Dad is a magnet for big fish and over the years he has been lucky enough to connect with quite a few Lakers over twenty pounds. This week was no exception and his clients were able to put a 34-inch beauty in the scoop as well as a few other dandies that morning. His key to success is staying on fish which comes from years of studying seasonal patterns and recording good notes. He also may have a few secret lures but you’ll have to book a trip to try and get a glimpse!

The Justy-Joe fleet are big believers in catch and release fishing and we pride ourselves on “sport-fishing”. We are of the opinion that the mature breeding size fish should be released to ensure healthy populations and we continue to see big fish in the Northern basin as a result. If you want twenty-pounders you can’t kill all the tens. If you desire taking fish please try to harvest the smaller fish and let the breeding class fish go. There’s no better feeling in my opinion then watching a big fish swim back into the depths to grow larger for another bite and another fight.

Thanks for reading and give us a shout to book a trip on one of our boats. We target a variety of fish species locally but specialize in Lake Trout, Bass, Salmon, Walleye and Pan fish. We look forward to watching you “set the hook” this season!