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Help Identify Remarkable Trees With the Warren County Tree Challenge

Looking for a unique outdoor activity? Warren County Soil & Water Conservation District has put together the Warren County Tree Challenge that invites residents to explore and track remarkable trees close to home.

tree roots exposed
This remarkable Eastern White Pine submitted to the Challenge features exposed roots and can be found in Pack Demonstration Forest.

How It Works

When you find a remarkable tree in Warren County you can submit the finding to You'll be asked to include the following:

  • The tree species
  • Circumference
  • Height
  • What makes it remarkable
  • If it is on public land
  • A photo of the tree

If you're unable to submit your tree finding through the website you can email to get the tree added for you.

trees and monument in crandall park
There are several notable trees in Crandall Park in Glens Falls, including this one by the monument.

For help identifying tree species check out apps like Leafsnap, a free app that lets you take a photo of a leaf to identify the tree. You could also purchase a pocket field guide book like What Tree Is That? from The Arbor Day Foundation.

screenshot of tree challenge website

What Makes the Tree Remarkable?

  • Is it a unique species to the area?
  • Is it historically significant?
  • Is it the size of the tree (trunk diameter, height, crown spread)?
  • Is it a unique shape?

Any of the above constitutes a remarkable tree! Warren County SWCD encourages participants to decide for themselves what makes the tree remarkable and to tell others about their findings.

Trees on Private Land

Please note that entering private properties without permission is considered trespassing. Only a private landowner (or poster with permission in writing from the landowner) is permitted to submit a tree to his or her property. People are encouraged to submit trees located on public or publicly accessible property.

More From Warren County SWCD

Warren County SWCD works to implement projects and programs that improve and protect the lakes, streams, and other natural resources of Warren County. They administer an annual tree and shrub program, fish stocking programs, and recently have been offering invasive plant Zoom workshops.

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