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Treat Your Sweetheart With Valentine’s Day Gifts From Barkeater Chocolates Near Lake George

If you are searching for a sweet treat for your lover this Valentine’s Day, or a fun experience, Barkeater Chocolates has you covered. Let us give you a breakdown of their Valentine’s Day gifts and unique offerings, and why they are so popular in the Lake George region.

sweetheart box and double chocolate hearts

How Chocolate Was Introduced to the Adirondacks

Barkeater Chocolates was founded in 2008 by Deb & Jim Morris. Since then, the team has grown while sticking to their innovative roots. Their store is located at 3235 State Route 28 in North Creek, NY. They are open daily from 10 AM - 5 PM and provide shipping too.

Why Choose Barkeater for Valentine's Day?

Barkeater Chocolates is your one stop shop when it comes to chocolate on Valentine’s Day. They offer a variety of packages and gifts, allowing many options to choose for your significant other.

One of the main reasons you should shop at Barkeater is because they use only the highest quality ingredients for their chocolates. If your Valentine likes oranges, consider a Citrus Surprise Bar, which will taste like a bite out of a freshly squeezed orange.

Valentine's Day Gifts for 2024

box of barkeater chocolates and truffles

One of their highlighted gifts for this Valentine's Day is a mix of Romance Truffles. There are four flavors in this package including Passion Fruit and Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt.

Another specialty is a Sweetheart Sampler which comes with an abundance of chocolate. These feature creams, standard, and seasonal truffles. Since there are 16 pieces in this box, Valentine's Day should last more than one day!

In addition, they sell mini hearts made of solid chocolate and a 4 Oz double heart. Both of these items are available in milk or dark chocolate.

If you really want to impress your lover, then go for the Sweetheart Gift Box, which has a little bit of everything. This includes:

  • A Milk Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Double Heart
  • 3 Oz Pouches of Milk & Dark Chocolate Mini Hearts
  • 5 Oz Pouch of Dark Chocolate Tasting Disks
  • Romance Truffles Box
romance truffles

Need More Ideas?

Barkeater has other options that may be perfect for Valentine's Day too. Some ideas include a Truffle Assortment which come in 24 pieces. These are a bit of an upgrade from the Romance Truffles, as the assortment is doubled.

Another idea is their Grown Up Peanut Butter Cup 6-Pack, featuring a total of 12 peanut butter cups!

Barkeater Chocolates also hosts Chocolate Making sessions and Haunted Chocolate Making sessions too. These sessions occur on most Saturdays throughout the winter, so plan an afternoon of fun with your sweetheart.

Shipping Options

If you are ordering for Valentine's Day, Barkeater recommends ordering by February 8, 2024. For those that live in the Northeast, UPS Ground will take around 1-2 days and USPS will arrive within 3 days. For anyone that is ordering outside of New York, USPS is your best bet to save some money and ensure a quick delivery.

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