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Enroll Your Child In These Lake George Area Youth Organizations

Boost your child's confidence, help them develop social skills, and enable them to learn new things when you sign them up for one or more of the Lake George area youth organizations listed below. From boy scout and girl scout troops to sports leagues and theater groups, these organizations could be the highlight of their childhood! Best of all, you can become involved as a leader, mentor, or coach.

group photo of girls scouts with officials
Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York
Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York (GSNENY) serves over 10,000 girls and their families across 15 counties in New York State. They can help get your child involved in Girl Scout programs, summer camps, and more.
Warren County, NY 4-H
Warrensburg, NY
4-H in Warren County, NY is a youth organization that teaches essential skills and helps kids and teens ages 5-19 achieve success.