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More Health Services & Medical Providers Serving Lake George

Along with our highlighted services, these providers and health services near Lake George will help you get well and stay healthy. Find offices for primary care, dental work, specialists, urgent care and more.

Bolton Health Center
Bolton Landing, NY
The Bolton Health Center is a community health center that is part of the Hudson Headwaters Health Network in the North Country. People of all ages are welcome, and they offer a wide range of primary, specialty, and ancillary health care services.
Warrensburg Health Center
Warrensburg, NY
You'll find quick and effective medical care at the Warrensburg Health Center, where they offer everything from pediatrics to nursing home care and so much more. You'll be choosing wisely when you put your trust in Warrensburg Health Center.
Warrensburg Health Center - Urgent Care
Warrensburg, NY
Warrensburg Health Center - Urgent Care can help you with a number of medical issues that need immediate attention, such as sprains, rashes, and more. You can look forward to a friendly and skillful staff who will work hard to alleviate your issue.
Albert R. Tucker Dental Services Center
Warrensburg, NY
Going to the dentist can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be! Your smile is in safe hands at the Albert R. Tucker Dental Services Center, where you can get all your dental needs taken care of in a relaxed and efficient manner.