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Is Lake George (Million Dollar Beach) Open? Is the Lake Safe? And Other Reader Questions…

Looking to relax on one of Lake George’s most popular beach this summer? Good news! As of Saturday, June 24, Million Dollar Beach on Lake George has re-opened for swimmers and sunbathers alike, seven days a week through Labor Day. The beach opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 8:00 p.m., with swimming permitted from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. when lifeguards are on duty.

Photo Courtesy of Yelp User Francisco P.

Why Was the Beach Closed?

On Friday, June 23 the Department of Environmental Conservation completed a four-day, multi-agency investigation of the potential sources of E. coli at Million Dollar Beach during which the beach was closed. While the investigation did not discover a source for the contamination, the DEC stated in a press release on June 24 – when the beach re-opened – that daily sampling is being conducted to ensure the safety of the swimming area. Should future testing show E. coli levels that exceed Department of Health (DOH) limits, DEC will post signs at the beach notifying the public of its closure.

What Is The DEC Doing to Prevent Future Closures?

In Saturday’s press statement, the DEC said “the agency will be working with state and local officials as necessary to quickly implement actions to identify and terminate any continuing pathogen contamination.”

Lake George May Robert Blais told The Post Star that over 120 man hours were spent inspecting underground stormwater and sewer lines with a camera, and cleaning out stormwater drains and collection areas with a special vacuum.  The Post Star reported that in the process, the village’s public works crews discovered a number of connections and “outflows” of which they were previously unaware.

The town and village of Lake George, the Lake George Association and the DEC are continuing to work diligently to identify and eliminate the source of E. coli that was recently found in the waters at Million Dollar Beach in the southeast corner of the lake, and the DEC continues to conduct extensive sampling.

How Could the Lake Be Open if a Beach Was Closed?

Lake George is a 32 mile, freshwater fed lake that is known for its clarity, cleanliness, water activities, and stunning views. Declared the Best Lake in New York State by MSN and the Most Beautiful Lake in the U.S. by Oyster.com, you can ask any local about this “Queen of American Lakes” and be sure to receive a raving review. We love our beautiful lake and visitors do too.

The problem in this one (relatively) small area of Million Dollar Beach did not impact the swimming conditions anywhere else in the lake. Even when Million Dollar beach was closed, you could swim, wade, jump, and splash to your heart’s content elsewhere – and enjoy one of the best lakes in the country.

So, get out on the beautiful waters of Lake George this summer and enjoy one of the area’s most popular destinations!

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