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Spring is the Best Time of Year for Whitewater Rafting in the Adirondacks & Lake George Region

If you like fast water and challenging rapids, then spring is the best time of year to go whitewater rafting in Lake George and the Adirondacks!

Whitewater rafting season usually starts sometime in April and runs though mid-October, but the first month or so is always the best time if you’re an experienced rafter seeking the thrills of the Hudson River’s class III, IV, and V rapids.

Whitewater rafting with Adirondack River Outfitters

Why is spring the best time of year for whitewater rafting in the Lake George area? Snow melt, of course!

In the spring, snow melt creates high, fast water in the Hudson River, making for some of the best whitewater rapids in the Northeast! If you are looking for thrills on your whitewater rafting trip, there’s no better time than spring and snow melt.

This year the weather has been a bit unpredictable, but we’re expecting snow melt to start in earnest in early-to-mid April.

Before you head out for an Adirondack whitewater adventure this spring, however, make sure you’re prepared:

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