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Experience Family-Friendly Hikes And Complete The New Chester Challenge

There’s a new hiking challenge near Lake George that’s perfect for families and beginning hikers – the Chester Challenge! Created by the Town of Chester in Warren County, the Chester Challenge consists of 11 designated trails in the region, and all you have to do is complete 6 of them to receive a commemorative pin.

Palmer Pond (Photo Credit: Sara Westcott)

The Chester Challenge began last year thanks to state grant money awarded to the Town of Chester by Glens Falls Hospital’s Health Promotion Center. The challenge promotes fitness and wellness, but it is also great for families looking to complete a hiking challenge together.

Unlike similar hiking challenges, such as the Saranac Lake 6er Challenge, the Chester Challenge can be tackled a few different ways. There are 11 designated trails that are a part of the Chester Challenge, but you only have to complete 6 of them to be awarded a special commemorative pin.

Hikers have the option to travel to 8 different locations in the Town of Chester. A few of these locations offer a shorter route and a longer route. Depending on your skill level, you can choose between them and still have it count toward your challenge total.

Once you’ve hiked 6 of the trails, all you have to do is report in to the Town of Chester’s town clerk’s office, the Dynamite Hill Visitor Center, or the Crossroads Store in Chestertown to receive your pin. Or, if you complete the challenge in the winter (December 20th-March 20th), you’ll receive a special patch.

Unless noted, all of the trails are a short distance from Northway Exit 25.

  1. Stewart Mountain
  2. Cougar Nature Trails (two options)
  3. Palmer Pond Trail
  4. Chester Creek Trails (two options)
  5. Kipp Mountain
  6. Meade Mountain and Beck Mountain
  7. Dynamite Hill and Caroline M. Fish Trails
  8. Green Hill and Catamount Mountain (two options) – located in Pottersville at Exit 26

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