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EVP Beach Volleyball Plans To Host An 80+ Team Tournament in Lake George!

Beach volleyball is always one of the most entertaining events to watch during the Summer Olympics, and next year, the shores of Lake George could be the site of its own professional beach volleyball tournament. EVP Beach Volleyball has tentatively agreed to host and partially televise a two-day tournament featuring professional players and amateurs in Lake George next July!

EVP Beach Volleyball hosts volleyball events and tournaments across the United States. For Lake George, the organization plans to bring an 80+ team tournament made up of 24 professional teams (including some former Olympians) and 60 amateur teams. Local teams would have the opportunity to be a part of the tournament too.

Just like the recent Summer Olympics, parts of the beach volleyball tournament would be televised as well, so if you’ve been thinking about visiting Lake George next summer, this would be the perfect time. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be on camera!

For everyone else in Lake George during the tournament weekend, Million Dollar Beach would remain open to the public. The volleyball courts would only be set up at the ends of the beach.

The beach volleyball tournament would be promoted and sponsored in 2017 through Warren County bed tax (occupancy) funds. However, the event organizers are actually interested in bringing the tournament to Lake George for the next three years, but only the 2017 tournament has been tentatively agreed upon so far.

At the moment, the tentative date for the tournament is the second weekend of July. Although the annual King George Fishing Derby is scheduled for this weekend, the belief is that both events would be able to coexist at Charles R. Wood Park and Million Dollar Beach.

Are you excited for a professional beach volleyball tournament in Lake George?