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Fly Like An Eagle Later This Summer

Back in 2015, the Wild West Ranch and Western Town announced it would have to delay the opening of its Eagle Flyer zip line until spring of 2016. Although construction is at last complete, the zip line isn’t expected to open until sometime later this summer. 

The Eagle Flyer zip line runs from the top of French Mountain all the way down to the Wild West Ranch. Made up of four 3,450-foot-long cables, the zip line will allow up to four people to race down the mountain side by side. The zip line was designed by Zip-Flyer, which has built zip lines around the world, including Nepal and Lake Tahoe. Eagle Flyer riders will soar down the 1,000-foot vertical drop at nearly 50 miles per hour, experiencing one of the longest zip line rides in the U.S.

In the Wild West Ranch’s most recent update, Bill Richmond of Behan Communications spoke to The Post-Star on ranch owner Ralph Macchio Sr.’s behalf. According to The Post-Star, the zip line’s grand opening is delayed once again because the attraction requires final state approvals. Furthermore, the ranch is still working on other property renovations in order to give visitors the best experience possible.

“We would love everybody…to ride the Eagle Flyer, but we understand that some folks may be hesitant to do that, so we’re adding other things…,” Richmond told The Post-Star. The Wild West Ranch plans to open a new restaurant and expand the number of amenities and entertainment options. More specifically, a renovated retail space and a zip line observation deck are both under construction, The Post-Star reported.

For all of you thrill seekers out there, the Eagle Flyer is sure to be one of the region’s most exhilarating attractions when it opens this summer. We’ll keep you updated about when you’ll finally have the chance to take flight!


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