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Underwater Hotel Coming To Lake George

Are you looking for a brand new way to experience summer in Lake George? Interested in unique accommodations that are rarely found in this part of the country? If so, mark your calendars for summer 2018, because that’s when Lake George’s first underwater hotel will be open for business!

Artists’ rendering of hotel corridor

Poseidon’s Palace will consist of 35 suites and will be modeled after undersea resorts in tropical locations, like the Caribbean and Figi. Guests will be able to enjoy all the amenities of rooms on the land, while experiencing Lake George from beneath the surface like never before.

Poseidon’s Palace will be located approximately one mile north of Lake George Village on the east side of the lake near the site of the Sunken Fleet of 1758. As part of their stay, each guest will have the opportunity to go on a guided exploration of the seven bateaux that were sunk there during the French and Indian War.

Guests of the hotel will park in a lot on the shore and will walk across a bridge to the Palace’s on-water lobby. From the lobby, a spiral staircase brings guests below the surface to the sprawling network of pressurized suites.

Poseidon’s Palace is in the final stages of planning, and construction will begin once all phases are approved. Reservations at the Palace are sure to be snatched up quickly, so keep a close watch on the project as it progresses!

*April Fools! Lake George is actually not getting an underwater hotel, but I’d be the first to book a reservation if one was built!