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Visitors Center To Be Constructed This Fall

Earlier this year, plans were unveiled for a $2.2 million transformation of Bolton Landing’s Rogers Park, which would include a new Visitors Center, an addition to the existing historical museum, and new landscaping. The project will begin this fall, and the result will be tremendous for Bolton locals and visitors alike.

JMZ Architects’ Rendering of Visitors Center
The design for the new Visitors Center, shown in the above rendering by JMZ Architects, will include a new restroom building, a gazebo, and offices for the Bolton Landing Chamber of Commerce, all of which will be linked by a series of walkways and porches.
The new addition to the Bolton Historical Museum will be also united with the Visitors Center campus by a walkway once it’s complete.
The Rogers Park project is part of a larger effort to encourage visitors and locals to explore and experience Bolton. “You can begin to see how our plans for the parks and the hamlet are coming together,” Bolton Supervisor Ron Conover said, according to Adirondack Almanack. “The new pier and the docks, the new Visitors Center and the museum expansion, are no longer just elements. They’re part of a whole, a successful building program that builds up on and re-enforces what we have in place.”