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International Creativity Conference Coming To Lake George

Do you have a creative idea you’re looking to build on? Would you like to gain new skills and insight that could help you become more successful? The 3rd International Creativity Conference is coming to Lake George this month, and you could benefit from attending!

The conference is coordinated by the Creativity Coaching Association, and will be held at the Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center on September 25 – 27. The conference brings together coaches and instructors from the CCA’s Creativity Coach Certification program to share the latest trends in creativity with artists, coaches, and creative thinkers from around the world.

Attendees will enjoy presentations and speakers, an interactive panel, networking opportunities, a scenic fall boat cruise, live entertainment, a creativity expo & fair, and more. Come to the conference with a creative idea, and leave with a strategy, a business plan, and the inspiration and enthusiasm to develop it!
“Far from being just an inspirational event, this conference takes folks step-by-step in making real money and running successful businesses using their creative abilities optimally,” said conference creator Beverly Down. “Within the conference’s networking and activities spread throughout the weekend, lifelong friendships and support are created, which is invaluable.”
To learn more about the conference, visit its website or

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