What's New In Lake George NY: Fun Events, News & More!

No Excuses For Homebodies This Summer

As winter drags on and we feel a sense of never-ending ice, cold and frost, no one wants to leave their spot on the couch, wrapped in blankets and dreaming of sunshine. If you’re anything like me, you tend to be a homebody during the winter months – the warmth of home sounds significantly more appealing than trekking through the snow to reach a new destination.

However, there is something to look forward to once the weather warms up – or more exactly, 14 NEW things! Lake George is gearing up for some brand new events and fun this summer season, and we’ve got the scoop. With almost every weekend booked between June 2nd and October 10th, 2015, Lake George’s Charles R. Wood Park leaves you no excuse not to have weekend plans once the weather warms up!

You can enjoy wine & food events, music festivals, craft fairs and even a circus. According to Mayor Blais, 14 new events are scheduled for 2015, with only one weekend left to fill. But not to worry – the Mayor says he is “working with a large car show to fill the last open weekend in July.” So, are you ready for your summer itinerary sneak peek? *Drumroll please!*

Check out all the events happening each weekend in the Lake George village this summer season!

Weekends in June 2015

Weekends in July 2015

Weekends in August 2015

Weekends in September 2015

Weekends in October 2015

And with that, homebodies, it’s time to start dreaming beyond your cave of hot cocoa and space heaters. Throw on a smile and prepare to enjoy weekends out and about in the Lake George village this summer season!

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