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Boston Globe Names Lake George ‘Family Adventure Not Soon Forgotten’

Lake George recently made Boston Globe Travel’s list of 5 Family Adventures Not Soon Forgotten. First on the list among other amazing adventures around the world, Sailing Lake George, New York was a memorable childhood experience for author Stephen Jermanok and continues to be a welcome escape as an adult and father of two.
The headlining photo for Jermanok’s Boston Globe Travel article was a great shot of The Sagamore on Lake George, taken from the water.

Jermanok writes of Lake George:
“I crave the serenity of being on the water. The narrow lake is hemmed in by mountains on both sides, creating a placid oasis of verdant slopes and cobalt waters.”

Though he now prefers a peaceful day out sailing, Jermanok recalls the allure of Lake George Village as a child and admits:
“I would beg my dad to stop here after a day of sailing, so I could spend my allowance in the arcades, play a round of Goony Golf (miniature golf), and down a soft-serve ice cream.”

Now with two children of his own, the tables have turned, and while Jermanok craves being on the lake, his kids beg to go to the village!

For a day on the water, Jermanok suggests a number of ways to enjoy Lake George, whether aboard a sailboat, sea kayak, motorboat, or steamboat cruise.

Island camping and day use islands in the “Narrows” and “Mother Bunch” also got a nice mention in the article. “Campers can kiss away the woes of modernity as they breathe in the piney air for as long as their vacation allows,” writes Jermanok.

A quick web search revealed Jermanok might be a native of Schenectady, NY now living in Massachusetts. It’s nice to see that sailing and spending time in Lake George made such an impression on him like it has for so many of us. 

Check out some of the places specifically mentioned in the Boston Globe article: