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8 Things I Learned at the Winter Carnival

As a Lake George Winter Carnival first-timer, I learned a lot about all that the carnival has to offer for kids and adults alike. Check out the 8 things I learned at the Winter Carnival, from winter fashion to life lessons, and everything in-between.

1. There are three types of winter gear:

All of these folks looked so good, I regretted my choice of winter gear that was a mishmash of rain-boots, subzero sweaters, and too-thin leggings.

First, there’s the hardcore snowmobiling gear that makes you look like you’re ready to take on Jack Frost himself, like this rad couple.

Then there’s the super-hip gear that may not hold up in the coldest of weather, but keeps you looking like the coolest kids at the carnival.

Third, there’s the folks who manage to mix both form and function, like this mom & daughter duo who managed to meld form and function with legwarmers, a colorful jacket, and cute headgear.

2. Parachuting is, and always will be, crazy:

I mean, it’s cloudy, freezing, and you’re landing on ice! Not to mention that he jumped from a helicopter.

3. Dogsleds are actually really fast:

For just $10, you can ride in the dog sled and it’s way faster than it looks. Also, the dogs have little shoes that are just about the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

4. Snowmen aren’t just for Christmas:

These poor little mascots get trotted out around the holidays and usually disappear by mid-January. The Lake George Winter Carnival is bringing them back both as cheerful welcome signs and ice sculptures!

5. Pony rides are still the best:

Riding a pony is probably one of the best kids’ experiences you can get. First, you’re taller than you’ve ever been. Second, you get to bond with a friendly, loving animal.

6. Snowmobiling looks like so much fun:

I’m a scaredy-cat, and I’ve never been on a snomobile. The Lake George Winter Carnival proved I need to get over my fears and hop on!

7. If you wipe out on the giant slide, you’re still golden:

The giant slide was a huge hit for a lot of children – even kids without sleds were running up and down it. This little guy wiped out on the slide and recovered like a true champ, reminding us all how to shake it off and try again.

8. The Steamboats are still there:

I don’t know where I thought they would be, but it was surprising to see the Lake George Steamboats docked by the frozen lake.

There you have it, the 8 lessons I learned at the Lake George Winter Carnival. You still have 3 weekends to get there and learn your own Winter Carnival lessons. Will we see you there?

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