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Save The Pink Whale at The Great Escape

Do you want to see the Pink Whale back at The Great Escape? No, this isn’t a ride we’re talking about, but that giant (or at least it seemed giant when you were a kid) Story Time attraction where you could walk into the whale’s mouth and stand there while your mom took pictures.

Well, truth be told, that whale has seen better days and was rather disregarded, until recently, that is. There is a movement that has started to ensure the giant pink whale is not forgotten… and you could become a part of it!
In 2005, the legendary Pink Whale was removed from the Great Escape theme park and placed in storage. 

For some people, this Pink Whale was a landmark for Lake George and the Great Escape, and they are struggling to accept its disappearance. A movement on Facebook has started to attempt to bring back the Pink Whale to The Great Escape. 
Some people have even been camping out in front of the Great Escape Lodge to prove that they are on “Team Whale.” 
The Pink Whale had been in the theme park since 1954 and it is certainly sad to see something with so much history go. Activists are trying to get as many people as possible to join the movement to save “America’s Favorite Pink Whale.” 
On the “Save the Pink Whale” Facebook page, many people have posted photos, comments and videos about what the Pink Whale means to them. Below is one of the videos that was created in hopes of saving this whale.
What do you think about this movement? Will you support it?