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“Karate Kid” Father Wants A Zip Line In Lake George

Ralph Macchio Sr., father of “Karate Kid” actor Ralph Macchio and owner of Wild West Ranch, is hoping to build a zip line attraction from an Adirondack mountaintop to his Wild West Ranch for this summer! Macchio Sr. is proposing a project that will construct a launch platform and tower in Lake George, NY, near the top of French Mountain.

The proposed project will cost about $1.5 million and will take several months to finish. Trees would have to be cleared along the route to carry riders down a vertical drop of 700 feet to his ranch. Riders would be driven on an existing road to the launch platform and would then take the 3,500-foot-long ride to the bottom.

The ride will end inside the Wild West Ranch, located next to Magic Forest, a family-friendly amusement park. Nearby landowners are concerned about visual and noise impacts from the zip line. State and local agencies are reviewing Macchio’s project
Would you be able to take the 3,500-foot-long zip line to the bottom? Share your comments below.

photo credit: Stephen A. Wolfe via photopin CC BY 2.0