What's New In Lake George NY: Fun Events, News & More!

The Ski Monster Visits Lake George

Recently Eric Germmann, co-founder of the Retail/Industry Blog site TheSkiMonster.com, stopped by Lake George to see what it has to offer. Germmann spent his day on the lake enjoying the scenery while doing a little wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

In his blog article, Germmann says Lake George has “crystal clear waters and sprawling mountainous landscape.” He describes the lake as a place where wakeboarders can just keep exploring and searching for different bays and spots to have some amazing riding sessions.

While touring around Lake George and checking out different bays to wakeboard in, Germmann found two different spots he was pretty excited about. The first location he enjoyed was Van Warmer Bay near the southeast part of the lake. He liked how it offered protection from the busy traffic on the main part of the lake and calm waters. The second spot he found was Northwest Bay. In his article he says the bay had “glassy water and some ridiculous scenery.”
Germmann summarized his visit as a great time and recommends any wakeboarding or wakesurfing to test out the waters of Lake George.
Have you ever tried taking up wakeboarding?