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Special Edition Wine To Support Local Musicians

How many bands can actually say they have had a wine produced specifically to benefit them? The Lake George Community Band can! Earlier in June, Adirondack Winery debuted its newest wine, “Musical Medley.” Part of the proceeds from the sale of this special wine will benefit the Lake George Community Band.

This “special edition tropical fruit Chardonnay” has been in the works since last year, and the winery has produced more than 1,000 bottles. And now this special edition wine has finally hit the shelves!

Each bottle costs $15 and “$5 from the sale of each bottle” will be donated to the Lake George Community Band.

Currently, the bottles of wine are only being sold at the Adirondack Winery Tasting Room and online.

The Lake George Community Band has been in existence since 2003, calling the Shepard Park Amphitheater in Lake George its home. The band gives “local musicians an opportunity to play their instruments in a setting of camaraderie and community.”

The donations from the Adirondack Winery will go towards opportunities such as purchasing “music that keeps our repertoire fresh, and available for local schools to borrow,” providing “advanced students the opportunity to perform with experienced, mentoring musicians” and hosting “an Annual Festival of Community Bands” to name a few.

Although Adirondack Winery supports many charities annually, this is the first major charitable fundraiser the business has taken on.

Whether you want to donate to a good cause, enjoy a nice bottle of wine, or both, Musical Medley is right for you!

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Have you tried Musical Medley yet? What do you think?