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New Series: Sustainable Sundays

A really cool event to check out this weekend happens this Saturday, June 2nd – the Lake Friendly Living Open House. The Lake George Association (LGA) is hosting this event where you can browse and learn about all kinds of sustainable products and services being offered right in your own backyard. If you care about keeping Lake George beautiful, then the Lake Friendly Living Open House & Native Plant Sale is a sure bet for this weekend.

But the sustainability doesn’t stop there!

On the LGA’s Lake Friendly Living Blog, housed right here on LG.com, the LGA will be producing a new video series called Sustainable Sundays.
The blog will feature a series of brief video interviews with local sustainable companies and services. The local businessman or woman who is featured on that particular Sustainable Sunday will get a chance to show us a glimpse into what they offer and how it yields sustainability.

Sounds interesting, right? I am looking forward to seeing these snippets, and we asked the LGA if they would give us a sneak peek as to what we can expect from the Sustainable Sundays series. Below is an interview and video the LGA provided.

Q. Does the Lake George region offer many sustainable businesses and services?

A. Yes, the companies and organizations that will be participating in the LGA Open house include: Adirondack Landscaping, Cornell Cooperative Extension, DeFranco Landscaping, Fiddlehead Creek Nursery, Green Conscious Home & Garden, Green Planet Products, Gould’s Landscaping, Lake Champlain Lake George Regional Planning Board, North Country Landscaping, Puraflo Alternative Septic Systems, Saratoga Organics, Smart Energy Geo-thermal, The Sweeney Company.

Q. What spurred the idea for doing video interviews in your new Sustainable Sundays Series?

A. These companies and organizations work in partnership with the LGA and are working hard around the Lake to help people live and work in ways that are positive for the environment.  We wanted to give these folks the opportunity to explain what they do, how they can solve problems on properties and around homes,  and how they can help protect water quality, and the environment in general.

Q. How long will each video be?

A. The videos will be short… probably about 2 minutes each.

Q. What kind of products and services can we expect to see?

A. A wide range — from alternative septic systems for folks with small lots or high bedrock, to native plants for rain gardens and buffers, to permeable paving solutions for driveways and walkways, to environmentally friendly cleaning products and boat motor oil, to geothermal heating and cooling.

Q. How many businesses and services will be featured by the series end?

A. We hope to start by featuring 8 different businesses or services.

Q. What would you say to a local who wants to be more environmentally conscious in their daily living?

A. First, thank you for being willing to learn and practice sustainable living.  Second, to subscribe to the LGA E-newsletter and the LGA Lake-friendly living blog, so we can stay in touch and share information about the practices that can help protect our natural water bodies.  Last, to share with the LGA any efforts they have made, or any problems that they see.


Visit the Lake Friendly Living Blog, where the Sustainable Sundays Series will be taking place, or learn more about the LGA who is hosting the Lake-Friendly Living Open House this Saturday, June 2nd.