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Six Flags Great Escape To Introduce 2 New Water Rides

The countdown to the unofficial start of summer in Lake George has begun. I’m talking about the date Six Flags Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom opens!

This year, the park opens on May 19, 2012 for weekends and select weekdays. The park opens daily on June 13th.

There are also a couple of new rides to look forward to at Six Flags Great Escape this June. Read on for details.
According to a welcome letter from park President Dan McCoy, Alpine Freefalls will be a new attraction in the Splashwater Kingdom portion of the theme park, which will house two new water rides for the 2012 season: Cliffhanger and Twisted Racer. Apparently these are the type of rides for people who like a thrill and have a desperate need for speed.

Quoted from McCoy’s letter:

The year is headlined by the opening of Alpine Freefalls, a two level water slide complex set to open in May, featuring the park’s first free-fall speed slide with Skybox technology and the Northeast’s first of its kind mat racer. The new attraction offers the six story Cliffhanger drop slide where riders will experience the floor literally falling from beneath, and Twisted Racer, a four-story, four-lane race through fully-enclosed tunnels, sending riders at speeds of over 25 feet per second.

Though the president said the complex will open this May, according to the rides portion of their website, Alpine Freefalls opens to the public on Saturday, June 2, 2012. Season pass holders get a sneak preview to try out the ride a day early on June 1st at an exclusive all access party from 3-6pm. Season pass holders will also enjoy 30 minutes of exclusive ride time on this attraction each weekend during the inaugural month, from 11am-11:30 on Saturdays and Sundays in June.

I know a lot of little dare devils are probably wondering, how big do you have to be to ride? (My two year old was pointing to the ride, saying, “I want to go there sometime!” Not yet, sweetheart.) You must be 42″ minimum height to ride Twisted Racer and 48″ minimum height to ride Cliffhanger.

Do you plan on visiting Six Flags Great Escape this year? Are you looking forward to trying these new water rides? Or would you have more fun watching?