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Top 10 Tips For A Clean Lake This Summer

One of the most touted phrases I hear when people are promoting Lake George is “pristine waters.” Did you know that there is a whole community effort from people who work diligently to keep it that way?

The Lake George Association, or LGA is a group of citizens and activists dedicated to keeping Lake George as clean as possible and free from contaminants — foreign or domestic!

You can help! There are many steps that visitors and residents can take to help keep pollutants and invasive species out of Lake George’s pristine waters. Read on to see the top 10 tips for keeping Lake George clean this summer…

1. Wash Your Boat!
That pesky Asian Clam that is now costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to control could very likely have been introduced to Lake George on a boat. There are often problems when a foreign species is introduced to a new environment, and there is no sure way to know exactly what creatures your boat might be harboring from other bodies of water (some can’t even be seen with the naked eye!). So best practice is to make sure you take the proper steps to ensure your boat is contaminant free before entering Lake George. Learn more about how boat washing on Lake George.

2. Don’t Transport Firewood!
Aside from being against NYS Law, transporting firewood from long distances can be very hazardous to the ecosystem of the destination. Stowaway insects have hitched along unnoticed on transported firewood and destroyed trees in our area. Learn more about why transporting firewood is a bad idea >>

3. Become A Citizen Scientist!
Pick up a magnifying glass and put on your detective hat. YOU can help discover invasive species around Lake George! The LGA is looking for participants in their Invaders Watch program, where you help identify and monitor invasives along Lake George’s shoreline. Learn more about joining the Invaders Watch >>

4. Have A Lake-Friendly Landscape!
Lake-friendly landscaping and hardscaping around your home or business can prevent many contaminants from entering the Lake. Whether you plant flowers over your septic, create a rain garden, manage your storm water runoff, install permeable walkways, destroy invasive plants or take on a number of other projects, these are all ways you can help the lake!

5. Clean Up Your Trash!
Whether it’s an empty potato chip bag or a steamy pooch pie, be sure to pick up after yourself while enjoying Lake George (and anywhere you go, really). A litter-free lake is a beautiful lake! When you are island camping, make responsibility a top priority so the lake is just as beautiful for others to enjoy after you leave. See tips for responsible Lake George camping >>

6. Switch To Geothermal Heating & Cooling
Make the switch to a more eco-friendly heating and cooling system for you home. Geothermal technology is efficient and easier than you might think! Learn more about geothermal heating & cooling >>

7. Support Sustainable Businesses!
Did you know there is an annual Sustainable Living Open House where tons of local lake-friendly products and services are featured? This year the event is on June 2nd, and it would be great to see you there. But even if you can’t make it, you can still support these businesses and their efforts year round! Learn more about this event >>

8. Call Your Congressman!
If you really care about keeping the lake pristine, you really don’t want invasive species entering the lake! Assemblyman Sweeney recently introduced a bill that would establish a list of invasive species that would be prohibited from being sold, transported or introduced in New York State. To help the fight, call your representative and voice your support of Invasive Species Prevention A.9422 (Sweeney). Learn more about this bill >>

9. Join The LGA!
The Lake George Association has been protecting Lake George for 125
years. It is the oldest lake association in the entire country and the
leading non-profit membership group responsible for conserving the lake. You can easily become a member of the LGA, or if you’d rather, make a donation to help their efforts. Learn more about the LGA >>

10. Stay Informed!
Subscribe to the Lake Friendly Living Blog to keep abreast of all the latest developments, projects and tips for clean, lake-friendly living and vacationing in Lake George!

There you have it — the Top 10 Tips For A Clean Lake This Summer. Together, we can ensure Lake George stays pristine!