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Former Gaslight Village To Become Charles R. Wood Park

The new park that is going to built where the Gaslight Village Park was located, is going to now be Charles R. Wood Park.

The new park is going to take up lands on both sides of West Brook Road and will provide opportunities for passive recreation. Visitors will be able to have picnics, enjoy the outdoors and relax at the park.

The Charles R. Wood Foundation has given $750,000 to the park over the last three years and it will cost about $1.8 million for the park to be completed. The park is going to be restored and be used to help manage storm water from Route 9.

Charles Wood is known for being the founder of Storytown USA, now known as Great Escape Theme Park, the double H Hole in the Woods Camp and other businesses in the area. He created the Charles R. Wood Foundation in 1978 to help the Lake George Region.

The park’s new storm water treatment complex include a settling pond, a shallow marsh and a gravel wetland. This will slow storm water created by the Route 9 corridor.