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Contingency Plans Being Made For Winter Carnival

Organizers of the Lake George Winter Carnival are working on an alternate site for some of the activities as a result of Old Man Winter’s tardiness this year. Without safe ice on Lake George yet, some of the events will need to be moved for at least the first couple weekends of the month long celebration in February.

Organizers are working with the Warren County Board of Supervisors Gaslight Village Ad Hoc Committee, trying to work out a space for some of the carnival events that would otherwise be taking place on the frozen bay of Lake George.

The group would like to hold monster truck rides, tethered balloon rides, and helicopter flights in the festival space all four weekends in February. The option was approved, and the county is still reviewing the legality of helicopter flights.

Supporters and advocates of the Winter Carnival agree that if the lake is not frozen, these events should be held somewhere else. People need something to do this time of year, and the Winter Carnival is an annual, month-long festival that would be greatly missed if there were no alternative venue for some of the activities.
Schedule of events for the Lake George Winter Carnival
Organizers are hopeful for safe ice towards the end of the month, so they can still hold some of the races. The motorcycle and ATV races on the ice are one of the biggest draws of the Lake George Winter Carnival. If the ice isn’t safe, the races may be moved to another frozen body of water in the area such as Echo Lake in Warrensburg.
All events at Shepard Park are still scheduled as planned.
Will you travel to Echo Lake to check out the ATV and motorcycle races? I think that spreading the carnival out throughout the village could potentially be beneficial. If people are all over town, they will be more likely to stop in at some different bars, restaurants and businesses that would otherwise be overlooked. Any thoughts?
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