Throwback Thursday

The Mighty Horicon on Lake George Pre-WWI

The history of the steamboats on Lake George, dates back to 1817 when the James Caldwell first launched. 
It wasn’t until after the Civil War that popularity really picked up, as travelers would come by train to the village before traveling the +26 miles along the lake. 

The photo above show the Horicon docked at the south end of the Lake George, c. 1905. At the time, the Lake George Steamboat Company, was owned by D&H railroad. The Horicon was one of the finest and most popular steamboats among passengers. 
Unfortunately, after the Great Depression and WWII, financial difficulties forced D&H Railroad to scrap the Horicon before selling the business to Captain Wilbur Dow, who’s family still owns and operates Lake George Steamboat Company today. 
I love whenever I get an opportunity to “step back in time” and experience things the way our ancestors would have. Still having steamboats on our lake is one of those opportunities. Have you been on a steamboat ride? 

Information courtesy of the Lake George Steamboat Company