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Tubby Tubes Celebrates a Decade of Business

by Faith Mannix


Nothing beats the summer heat like floating in the clear, cool waters. Tubby Tubes, the area's original lazy river tubing company, has had "something fun for everyone" for the past ten years. Now, celebrating their 10th anniversary, Tubby Tubes has combined all of their operations into one spot, making your experience better than ever!

The business began with "a handful of black inner tubes," a single bus and owner Eric Hammell. Hammell explains that Tubby Tubes has its roots in the whitewater rafting industry. Whitewater rafting though, has few kid friendly options and so Hammell created a business that the whole family can enjoy.

As time went on the Luzerne based business continued to expand and today has slide tubing, river tubing, and even snow tubing for the Northeastern winters! 2011 is the tenth season of business, as well as the first year Tubby Tubes will be open year round.

Hammell references loyal customers as the key to the continued success of the business. People go to Tubby Tubes while on their vacation in Lake George and return each year as an annual tradition. It's easy to see why they would return: Tubby Tubes is known for being extremely customer oriented and always willing to optimize the fun of the tubing experience.

Tubby Tube's reputation as a customer-pleaser has lead to some weird requests. Take for instance the man who wanted Tubby Tubes to wrap him in cellophane so that he wouldn't get wet! Hammell recalls the event as one of the strangest in the history of the business.

Tubby Tubes has brought something special to the area: family-friendly, good old fashioned fun! Whether you haven't been, or haven't been in a while, take the five minute drive from Lake George and experience the fun that is Tubby Tubes!

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