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Adirondack Winery Celebrates 1st Anniversary With New Wine & Tastings

LAKE GEORGE NY - Adirondack Winery in Lake George is celebrating their 1st Anniversary this month with the release of a new wine and free wine tasting events scheduled from April 17 - 19, 2009.

Adirondack Winery Souvenir Glass

New on the shelf at Adirondack Winery will be "Barbera" - the micro-winery's 31st wine - a fruity red wine variety. A look at the label reveals a gorgeous photograph of the glowing night lights of July 4th reflecting on Lake George. The tasting notes read, "This red wine's acidity brings out its enjoyable cherry, raspberry and blueberry notes, while firm tannins envelope the wine, creating a fine toasted finish."

The venue will also be featuring three free wine tasting events in celebration of their 1st Anniversary. Details for each are as follows:

  • Friday April 17th 12pm - 6pm: FREE Red Wine Tastings featuring Grafton Village Cheddar Cheeses and Stonewall Kitchen Gourmet Crackers

  • Saturday April 18th 11am - 4pm: FREE "Your Choice" Wine Tasting(s) featuring Cheese, Chocolates, and Gourmet Foods

  • Sunday, April 19th 12pm - 5pm: FREE Dessert Wine Tasting(s) - Paired with Scrumptious Chocolates

Adirondack Winery opened on April 17, 2008 at 285 Canada Street, directly across from Shepard Park, in Lake George. Local wine enthusiasts enjoy the local appeal in that all wines are locally made and each bottle label features an inspiring panorama of the scenic Lake George region and landmarks across Warren, Washington and Saratoga County. Since this Lake George micro-winery started last April, owners Michael and Sasha Pardy have been stunned by its success, even through this economic downturn.

"When we opened last season, we did our best to estimate customer demand, but quickly found out we had not made enough wine," said wine-maker and CEO Michael Pardy. "It was always our intention to only sell the wines we make at our store, but early in the season, we faced the fact that we would have none of our wines on the shelf if we stuck with that plan, so we also carried some wines from other New York State wineries through the end of the season."

This year, the micro-winery is better prepared for the large crowds and busy summer season ahead. The wine makers at Adirondack Winery have been working long hours all winter to ensure they are better stocked this year.

"If you came into the winery today, you'd see 31 different types of wine on the shelves, all made by us - this time, I think we've made enough to keep our shelves well-stocked," added Mr. Pardy.

Join with this unique venue as it celebrates its 1st Anniversary in Lake George NY!