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Narrow Island Group vs. "The Narrows"

Do you know the difference?

photo of mountains and lake Photo Credit: Luke Dow Photography

If you're planning a Lake George island camping or boating trip, don't get tripped up by the Narrow Island Group and "The Narrows" on Lake George. Though they have similar names, they are not the same, and they actually refer to two different parts of the lake. Here we'll explain the difference, and you can visualize it on the map below.

The Narrows

This is a small stretch of the central section of the lake north of Bolton on the east side of Tongue Mountain, extending south from Hen and Chickens Island and north to Artists Rock (Round Rock), just north of Red Rock Bay. The ranger station for The Narrows is Glen Island as all islands within The Narrows belong to the Glen Island Group.

The Narrow Island Group

This is a group of islands around and including Narrow Island as well as the Mother Bunch. The ranger station headquarters for the Narrow Island Group is on Narrow Island, which is north of the Mother Bunch in Huletts Landing. Learn more about the Narrow Island Group »

Map Showing Narrow Island Group vs. The Narrows

Please note the map below is for illustration purposes only and does not accurately depict the specific locations of all of the islands.

map of lake george showing the difference between 'the narrows' and the narrow island group

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