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Crane Mountain is located in the southern Adirondacks, and although it has steep and difficult sections, it is generally regarded as manageable for kids.

Crane Mountain

Hiking Crane Mountain in the Adirondacks – Directions, Hiking Info & Tips


  1. Take Exit 23 off the Adirondack Northway (I-87) at Warrensburg / Diamond Point
  2. Turn left off exit, drive .25 miles and turn right onto U.S. 9N
  3. Drive .8 miles and turn left onto Richards Ave.
  4. Cross the river and turn right onto NY-418 W/River St.
  5. Drive 3.2 miles, stay left on NY-418 W
  6. Turn right onto Athol Rd. after .25 miles
  7. Stay on Athol Rd. for 3.5 miles, turn right onto Mountain Road
  8. Follow Mountain Rd. 5.5 miles to Thurman
  9. Turn left onto Garnett Lake Rd, Co. Rd 72
  10. Drive 1.2 miles and turn right onto Ski Hi Rd.
  11. Trailhead is marked about 2 miles up Ski Hi Rd.

What makes the Crane Hike so special? There are many stops for views along the way offering great rewards as you go! The shortest route to the summit is about 1.4 miles with an ascent of about 1150 feet. There is also a natural stone bridge over Putnam Brook.

Steep Hike On Crane MountainRocks, rocks and more rocks! Crane Mountain is a steep, rocky hike which makes it both challenging and more interesting for the little ones.

There are a few ladders near the summit of Crane Mountain that can be challenging for small children. 

Tips for hiking Crane Mountain:

  • Wear shoes with excellent traction as the terrain is very rocky.Hiking Crane Mountain In The Adirondacks
  • Dress in layers; this hike will get your heart pumping!
  • While this was a very steep climb, there is also a less-steep option that goes around the pond. We chose the steep climb up and the longer winding route past the pond on the way down.
  • Pay attention to trail markers - if you miss one, you may find yourself feeling lost.
  • Plan to make a day of it! For a family with relatively young children, this was a 4-hour hike.

Crane Mountain: View From The Top

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5 reviews from our community

Crane is indeed a wonderful hike. A few updates:
-The trail was remarked in 2016; in previous years (and in 2016) someone has been stealing trail markers. I've hiked it twice so far in 2017 and right now I would say the trail is well marked.
-There are two trails up, one goes to the summit, the other to the pond, then the summit. Both are rocky and steep, but it's a relatively short hike. If you hike a lot you won't find it that challenging; if you are used to less altitude gain you may.
-Time wise hiking with my 7 year old I figure 4-5 hours for the "loop" (Ski Hi up to the summit, down to the pond, down to Putnam Junction, then back to the Ski Hi parking lot).
-Please note that their is only one official trail head, off of Ski Hi road. Crane Mountain Road leads to private property.
-Cell coverage is very spotty; as always have a paper map and know where you are / wish to go.

This was the worst hiking experience of my life. The trails are very poorly marked and all of the reviews on site have conflicting information. The map is dubious at best. I appears that there is a descent from the pond yet there is not and we had to hike all the way back up to the crossroad and decide at dusk if we wanted to go all the way up to the top and back down a trail we hadn't gone on yet or go straight back down the face. After 7 hours straight of confusing trail markers or lack there of we got out after going down a 50 degree incline in the dark. There should be much more cautionary information regarding the seriousness of this hike. It is anything but moderate. It is difficult and it should be stated as such. Please also find the time and resources to mark clear trails and paths. There are so many times that pathways fork and there are no markers to indicate which way to go.

Update- we hiked to Crane Mountain pond from Putnams Farm parking lot. This is a marked blue trail. This trail brings you to the west side of the pond. The blue trail then bears south around the pond where it intersects the yellow trail and joins the red trail. Coming down from the summit, it is not easy to see that the red trail continues beyond the yellow and turns into the blue trail. Approaching the summit using the blue trail to the red is a slightly easier hike. Still rocky, but not as steep. If you like to fish, we saw trout in the pond!

This is a great hike/rock climb from the trail head on ski hi road. We intended to take the red trail up to the summit and then back down to Crane Mt pond and around to the parking at Putnams crossing. Some reveiwers said the trail around Crane Mt pond goes around the north side of the lake. We followed the red markers and ended up on the south side of the lake where we found the yellow trail markers and followed. Lol...dont follow the yellow markers unless you want to return to the junction of red and yellow trail. The red trail that either goes up to the summit or down the rock spillways....took us 5 hours and a lot of extra down the rock spillway time, but all in all a lovely hike. Next time we are going to hike to the pond first to see how the paths intersect and maybe go up to the summit the easier way....

While the reviews sound exciting and easy to follow, i will have to disagree . I spent an hour circling the area trying to find the trail head. I ended up driving through a ski-trail which was not anticipated and having to stop constantly and ask directions.

I finally arrive at the trailhead, where the path is very rugged (unmaintained driveway), has little to no supervision, has no park ranger to be found, and parked cars that I am not sure were supposed to be there.

I am sure this trail is great as the others have mentioned, unfortunately I did not get that first hand experience. Make sure you have a PLANNED out pathway! I tried following the directions above but it did not lead me anywhere near the trailhead...and my GPS in my car did not assist me either. Oh and there are two trailheads, I think i ended up at the southern entrance...

All in all, I am hoping to save time and unnecessary frustration for visitors and people who have travelled long and far to get here...

:) happy trails!

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