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There are a few more weeks to get out and enjoy the fishing and foliage from the waters and there's not a better way to spend an autumn afternoon than with a fishing charter or foliage cruise on Lake George. The winner of the foliage pontoon cruise was Janet Maszdzen. She'll enjoy the lake with a few friends and you should do the same. We've had a spectacular week aboard the Highliner - check out the lake trout, beautiful . The bass are still biting too, and of course the foliage tours are more brilliant by the day. See you on the water.

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We can't say for sure when we'll see ice-out on Lake George, but we can tell you for sure that if this fishing season is anything like the last, we're in for a record-breaking year. Lake trout, salmon and small mouth bass will be ready when you are. At Highliner Charter Fishing, we are working to get our boats and equipment ready for the advenures ahead. It's not too soon to contact your favorite fishing guide to book a reservation. Be sure and book your hotel room, camp site or cabin in advance as well. Here's to a great fishing season on Lake George, New York!

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Great fishing and family fun continue on Lake George this Labor Day Holiday weekend. Small mouth bass, lake trout and perch out there and we're seeing lots of activity as people pack as much fun as possible into the last days of summer. Enjoy the photos and even more important- enjoy Lake George!
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We're seeing an impressive number of perch out on Lake George and the bass fishing is super right now. Labor Day weekend is always a wonderful holiday on Lake George.Enjoy these photos from recent days. See you on the water!

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If you've never fished Lake George mid-summer, you've been missing out on some of the best fishing you'll find anywhere. Here's the good news- we have many weeks of prime time fishing left, so if you're just now making plans to visit Lake George, know that some of the best fishing in American awaits!
Fishing on Lake George has been super. One night last week we boated 70 bass , you got it I said 70. And, Saturday: 14 lakers 9 over 2 feet!!! 10 lakers this morning 4over23 inches, you get the picture.Here's a couple to back it up.

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The holiday weekend was if nothing else, full of surprises. Friday was chilly and windy with rain on and off all day. We bass fished with some nice fish being boated, both large and small mouths. Friday night temps dropped into the 30s and the rain started coming down in buckets. The forecast called for it to stay like that all day Saturday with the addition of winds at 30 mph. Looked like it was going to be a tough one. I had two charters booked for Saturday, nine hours of rocking and rolling on Lake George. As predicted, I woke Saturday morning to pounding rain and heavy wind, definitely a morning to dress in layers. I was filling my coffee cup at Cumberland Farms at 6:00 a.m. when my phone rang. It was Jim Napoli, my morning charter. "Hey Justin, it's Jim, you're calling off the morning charter, aren't you?". "Hell no, Jim" , I replied, I'm like the mailman, rain, hail, sleet, snow, I'm there. See you at the boat at 6:45." . " OK" Jim replied, you think we'll be all right?"
"No problem, Jim. The boat will be zipped in and the heat will be on. See you there."

At 7 a.m. Jim, his two boys, his wife Charlotte and I headed out into the pounding rain in big white caps. At least the cabin was dry and warm. After a short trial and error period of figuring out how to position the boat in the rough seas, we were able to get our downriggers set, and we started fishing. Shortly after getting set up, the first rod popped. "FISH ON- right rod". Matt sprang up and grabbed it. A nice 22-inch laker. The action stayed like this for the next couple hours. Everyone was laughing and having fun. Heck, we forgot it was raining and blowing 25 miles per hour!

At about 9:45, I told everyone we were going to pull up and go see if we couldn't connect on some bigger fish- breaking my golden rule, "you don't leave fish to find fish." Glad I broke the rule. The next 45 minutes gave us our 3 biggest fish of the morning. We headed back to the dock, everyone laughing and talking about what a great morning we had when the phone rang. It was Dan Adclose, my afternoon charter. "Looks pretty nasty, Captain, you calling the trip?"
" Hell no", I replied. "The fishing is good. See you at noon. "

By noon, winds had picked up and were blowing at 30 mph. The lake was about as rough as she gets. "Let's go", I thought. " Fishing's good." The high winds did make the afternoon trip a little tougher and it took a little while to get the fish going but by the trip's end we had boated some nice lakers and Dan and his son, Matt enjoyed a good afternoon on the lake. They also did a great job helping keep the boat on track in such nasty conditions. 5 pm- phone rang. It was Pat Schultz, my morning charter for the following day. "Supposed to be rainy and cold," he said. You know my reply by now. The trip was on. At 7:00 a.m. we pulled away from the dock with Patricia and her son, John Paul (JP). There was light to moderate rain falling, but the winds had subsided and the temps were about 40 degrees. The forecast called for low 60s by mid afternoon. Not bad.

Now, JP is going to get his own report tomorrow, because his is the story of Troutzilla! So, be patient and read the next report.

Sunday night Rocio Torres called to confirm Monday's trip. It was supposed to fall into the high 20s and low 30s tonight. "No problem, we have heat." Mother Nature really got bizarre Sunday night. Temps fell into the mid 20s and low 30s with a morning frost. " Is this really the end of May?" I thought. Then I turned on the Weather Channel at 5:00 a.m. It showed Gore Mountain (just 10 minutes from the house) with 5 inches of snow and Whiteface Mountain, an hour to the north, with over 30 inches. Unbelievable. Even crazier, was that they predicted temps to rise 40 to 45 degrees by midday, reaching the 70s. Fishing was a little slower Monday morning, but we still boated several nice lakers including a nice 10 pounder. The weather may not have cooperated for the holiday weekend, but the fish sure did. Hope to see you on the water. Check out some Lake George Fishing Charter photos from the weekend and be sure to read my next report on JP's tussle with Troutzilla.

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Don't miss out on some of the best bass fishing of the year. It happens pre-season during the months of May and early June. Action is fast and furious. Don't miss your opportunity to get in on the action and enjoy Lake George fishing at its finest . An experienced fishing guide can take you to the best spots. 2013 promises to be a great season of fishing on Lake George.

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October 2012 - we are nearing the end of the season for lake trout fishing on Lake George, but there's still a few weeks left for fine fishing. Check out the catch on a recent trip aboard the Highliner and book your own trip. An added bonus for fall fishing is the spectacular fall foliage . Enjoy the change of seasons as you reel em in!
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Couldn't have said it better myself- Anthony has the right message on his hat. "Life's a Game, Fishing is Serious" .
Check out the lakers !
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