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This page is dedicated to Long Island campsites in Lake George. See all Lake George island camping options here. For information on boating on the lake, view our Boating Guide now!

About Long Island

Located near Lake George Village at the southern basin of the Lake, 100-acre Long Island on Lake George has about 90 campsites available for public use. It is the island with the most campsites, so it is the easiest island to book a reservation on. The private islands book earlier in the year, and we like the ability to camp with larger groups of people and occupy many sites. To make a reservation, please go to Reserve America for details.

When camping with children under age three, we choose Long Island as it is closest to the nearest hospital should something serious happen to one of the children. When traveling in a large group, it is the shortest boat trip from the southern basin of the lake. (If you have to make multiple trips, this means you can start your fun earlier!)

We took a walk around Long Island , to check out the various sites, many of which we have camped on. The ReserveAmerica site does give some information but here is the real scoop on our favorite locations:

Our Guide to the Long Island Campsites

Long Island campsite

A small private sunny site on the point. It gets large amounts of sun in the morning and has an eastern view. The tent platform is 12` x 14`. Bathroom is a pit type privy. The dock length is 24` & maximum boat length is 25`. Water depth is 5 1/2`. This will take a sail boat and shares a dock with site 001A. Offers great views!

Long Island campsite Number 6 Campsite 6 has beautiful views and is set on a cove; there is a nice private hike from 6 to 7.It's a large private shady site on a shallow rocky cove. There is a small drop to the water and gets morning sun. The tent platform is 16` x 12. Bathroom is a pit type privy. The dock length is 24` & maximum boat length is 25`. Water depth is 4 1/2`. This will take a sail boat & shares a dock with site 005.

Long Island campsites Number 19 & 20Campsites 19 & 20 are great for families. This is the only part of the island that has some sort of embankment; this is really nice if you have little children and are concerned that they might "wander" into the water. My recorder died at this part of the hike, so I do not have the exact campsites with embankments – next time I will get these, the Long Island ranger said that 19 and 20 are your best bets – so I'm using this photo here.

Long Island campsites Number 29 & 30 29 & 30 are ideal for a group of young adults who don't want to be bothered by other campers. This was a very shady and rocky site and it's not too level. However, it is very private as you have to walk a ways to get to any other sites. You really feel as if you are on a private island here. There were cliffs to the water which made it more dangerous for children and no easy entry into the water for kids.

Long Island campsites Number 40,41& 42 40,41& 42 make a great combination of sites for a large group of families with young children. If you like afternoon sun, you will want to be on this side of the island. 41 has no platform but has the great area to enter the water for kids. The three sites are flat and spacious, although shady, you do enjoy many areas with sunlight. We think this is the best set of three sites together on the island for a group as the sites are all equal. If you can't get one of these sites, 87 across the way is quite nice and sunny in the morning.

Long Island campsite Number 49 49 is beautiful.This picture is taken from the lake and you can see straight through the trees to the other side of the lake. This is a great site as it’s flat and grassy and the wind goes straight through the island in this section making it much less buggy. You can get a site across the way for friends. Or works well with 50.

Long Island campsite Number 52 52 is a nice shady and private site on Goose Bay with a small cove. Evening sun, but this is mostly shady site. No tent platform. Cove has mucky water so it's not an area where most people would want to swim. Large and flat with lots of room for more than one tent.

Long Island campsite Number 57 57 is a large flat site. Nice shallow water, shady site with afternoon sun, great for sunsets – looks to the southwest. No platform and shares dock with site 56.

Long Island campsites Number 58 & 59 58 & 59 is nice and ideal for couples tenting together. The sites are very close together, so it's nice if you have both booked and know your neighbor. Very sunny in the afternoons but with plenty of spots for shade lovers as well.

Long Island campsite Number 59 59 is a nice site with great views to the west. It has a tent platform, which is nice if it rains, and is close to our favorite site #60.

Long Island campsite Number 60 60, the Point... this is the best site for a single family, there are a few flat spots for tents as well as a platform. Don't get this if you need other sites as your friends will be jealous. Morning and evening sun, nice and breezy to keep bugs away, fun swim across the channel to the picnic island.

Long Island campsites Number 61 & 62 61 & 62 (62 shown) are probably the deepest sites with the most locations for tents, but no platforms face across the channel to Speaker Heck, the picnic island. Nice swimming across the channel.

63, the other Point... this is a fabulous site for setting up a hammock and just relaxing. There is both morning sun and afternoon sun and the breeze runs through to keep the bugs away. A little more varied terrain and not as many entry points for smaller children. If you are traveling with friends, 64 and 65 go nicely with this campsite. Photo shown is of campsite 64 pointing toward 63. Does not have an easy way to get to the west side 6-63 as you have to cross a marshy area and there is no easy path; there is lots of vegetation.

Long Island campsite Number 66 66 is a really sunny site which is great when you have the lake right in front of you for cooling off. The views are spectacular. There is lots of morning sun and a tent platform, which is nice if it rains.

Long Island campsites Number 67 & 68 67 & 68 are a fabulous set of sites for a very large group. As you can see from the picture, this group has four tents, we have seen up to 7 tents on these two sites. Very sunny. The downside is no platform which is nice when it rains but the ground is quite flat so they aren't necessary.

69-74 are hilly sites with morning sun. Shown on top is a view of campsite 70 and from the platform and below is campsite 73 from the platform. The views are all open and spectacular. These sites are all nice and sunny.

75 is the first flat site. Good for families.

null 79 is a sunny site, flat with shade, you can just see the sites on the other side.

Long Island campsites Number 80 & 81 80 & 81 go nicely together and have morning sun. They are fairly flat and have great views. You can see the campsite behind 81 that is 46 and 45; they are directly on the other side. So if you want morning sun and afternoon sun, and a short walk to your friend’s campsite, this is the best set of four sites.

Long Island campsite Number 82 82 offers incredible views of Lake George! Here you can see the wonderful view from site 82, it is in the narrow part of the island so it's breezy and less buggy, fairly flat and rocky.

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