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Have you ever wanted to see a bald eagle in person? Now is your chance! There are currently bald eagles living on Lake George's Speaker Heck Island, so grab your camera and go catch a glimpse.

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On Tuesday evening, a fire broke out in a home on Cherry Street in Lake George where eight international students who are working in Lake George Village this summer were living. Seven of the eight lost virtually all of their possessions, and the Lake George Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary needs your help to try and replace them.

The weather forecast for this weekend looks great, which means there's only one place I want to be: the beach!

Are you wondering what to do this weekend? You won't want to miss these five Lake George Area events!

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Back in July, L.L.Bean announced that it would be opening its 11th outlet store (and first in New York State) in Lake George's very own Factory Outlets. After nearly two months of anticipation, the wait is finally over: the new outlet will be opening this week!

An extensive report about the wastewater treatment system in Lake George Village has provided officials with an estimate of just how much it will cost to bring things up to speed. The next step in the upgrade is to secure the $15 million the Village will need to improve its wastewater treatment mechanisms and help maintain Lake George's water quality.

When the A&W restaurant on Route 9 in Lake George caught fire in July, the future of the eatery became uncertain. Loyal customers will be glad to know, however, that the drive-in's owner has officially announced his intention to re-open before the next summer season.

One of the biggest acts of the summer is drawing a large crowd to Lake George's Festival Commons at Charles R. Wood Park this weekend. If you haven't reserved your spot to see folk musician Arlo Guthrie on Sunday, you should do so soon since time and tickets are running out!


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Although "Queen of American Lakes" is an appropriate nickname for the beautiful Lake George, a more fitting one may soon be "Genius of American Lakes." Using Big Data and analytics technology, scientists are transforming Lake George into one of the smartest lakes in the world, and their efforts could benefit bodies of fresh water all over the planet.


Earlier this month, I wrote about the archaeological dig that was underway in Lake George's Battlefield Park where a team of students were searching for clues about the Battle of Lake George. I concluded that article by citing archaeologist and team leader David Starbuck's certainty that something significant would be uncovered by the time the dig was over, and as it turns out, Starbuck was right.


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