What's New in Lake George
Earlier this year, plans were unveiled for a $2.2 million transformation of Bolton Landing's Rogers Park, which would include a new Visitors Center, an addition to the existing historical museum, and new landscaping. The project will begin this fall, and the result will be tremendous for Bolton locals and visitors alike.

JMZ Architects' Rendering of Visitors Center
Last spring, the S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership called for road salt reductions after it was learned that the lake's salt levels have tripled over the last generation. The inaugural Salt Summit was held this week to discuss the matter, and it looks like the region will be testing out a new snow removal technology this winter.

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Photo provided by the Lake George Steamboat Company
After the two-year pilot program that made boat inspections mandatory for anyone wishing to launch into Lake George proved to be a successful way to prevent aquatic invasive species from entering, the Lake George Park Commission has decided it will draft a proposal to make the inspection and decontamination program permanent.

Photo Credit: Luke Dow Photography
A brand new exhibit will be opening in Lake George's Courthouse Gallery this weekend, and the artist has made a very clever use of items you're probably familiar with.

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American Music Festival for the Lake

Anyone who has ever been boating or swimming knows the risk of losing objects to the water. Whether it be cameras, hats, jewelry, sunglasses, or cell phones, there's always a chance that something will make a splash and never resurface.

In the 1970s, an object owned by Jim Flynn met its watery fate in Lake George, but unlike most lost treasures, it was recently returned to its owner.


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This weekend, a fleet of vintage race boats will cruise into Lake George, and participants and spectators alike will instantly be transported back eight decades to a time when the "Mayor" of Bolton Landing and his thirteen-year-old boat dominated the competition.

Photo: President Presents George Reis with Regatta Cup after Reis won the President's Cup Regatta;
Credit: Harris & Ewing via Library of Congress
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