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9 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in Lake George NY

Who doesn't love a good early morning watching the sunrise burn fog off the lake, or a fiery summer sunset predicting another beautiful day on the lake to come? While the sunrise and sunset over Lake George are beautiful everywhere, we have a few places we think are particularly awesome.

Best Places to Watch the Sunrise Over Lake George

sunrise over lake

Roger's Park or Veteran's Beach in Bolton Landing

Bolton Landing has two great public beaches for watching the sunrise. We especially love the long dock and benches facing east perfect for watching the sunrise at Roger's Park in Bolton Landing. Both beaches are two of our favorite spots to watch the sunrise over Lake George. Come early for the sunrise, grab breakfast, and then spend the day at the beach!

Island Campsites

We love love love the camping islands for watching the sunrise. Get up early, start your campfire, and enjoy the picturesque and unique vantage point of watching the sunrise from the lake. 

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Prospect Mountain

A short 3 mile hike to the top, Prospect Mountain has one of the best views of sunrise over Lake George. The trailhead is right in Lake George Village, but don't forget to take nightime hiking safety gear for the climb!

Lakeside Lodging on the West Shore

Of course, there are many hotels and resorts on the west shore of Lake George with lakeside rooms and private balconies from which you can watch the sunrise without getting out of your pj's. We love this option because you're guaranteed a picture-perfect sunrise on clear days (as long as you set your alarm).

Best Places to Watch the Sunset Over Lake George

sunset over golf course

Top of the World - Golf Resort

With stunning views of the lake, Top of the World is beautiful all the time, but we especially love it during the magic hour and sunset. Located on the eastern shore of Lake George, Top of the World has incredible westerly-views that honestly might be so distractingly beautiful it'll mess up your game!

Sleeping Beauty Mountain

This popular hike on the east side of Lake George is ideal for enjoying the magic hour and sunset over the lake. The hike itself is pretty moderate, but it does vary between 5 and 7.5 miles round trip, so make sure you're prepared for a dark hike down the mountain.


Pilot Knob Preserve

Getting to the top only takes about 20 minutes, and the view is totally worth it. Since the hike ends at a gazebo overlooking the lake, this is one of the most romantic spots in Lake George.

Boardwalk & Christie's in the Village

We recommend snagging a table outside on the deck at one of these two restaurants for a leisurely meal and drinks while you take in the sunset over Lake George. Both restaurants also often have live music, so you'll even have a soundtrack as the sun goes down!

And the Absolute Best Place to Watch the Sunrise OR Sunset Over Lake George?

sunset view from boat

Photo credit: Luke Dow Photography

On a boat (obviously!)

There are special rules about speed and lights when you're boating in the dark, but if you're an experienced boater (or know someone who is), you really cannot beat the views from Basin Bay or Paradise Bay, or really anywhere on the lake!

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