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Lake George Island Camping Tips From Our Readers

Island camping on Lake George is one of the best ways you and your family can spend the summer. Never tried? Get some insider tips from our readers who have experienced camping on the islands and want to share their knowledge of the sites.

Photo credit: Alan Nudi

1. A hammock is not only relaxing but gives kids hours of fun - Jodi -- Cheshire, CT

2. Bring pre-cooked spaghetti, frozen meatballs, and a jar of sauce for a quick, easy meal - Sara -- Queensbury, NY

3. I bring an inflatable pool for my toddlers (this gives me book time) - Kayla -- West Nyack, NY

4. My mom bought us a tree swing from the dollar store, the kids swung for hours - Rick -- Paterson, NJ

5. Oust sanitizer works, it's the only sanitizer that fits on the joists in the outhouses - Sara -- Queensbury, NY

6. Bring bee spray - Maria -- Huntington Station, NY

7. If you smoke, bring something for your butts, it's not fun for the non-smokers to pick them up - Maria -- Huntington Station, NY

8. Lots of people? Lots of stuff? Bring an extra tent just for your stuff; it's great for dressing in without the worry of getting your sleeping tent dirty - Rick -- Paterson, NJ

9. No soaps allowed on the islands unless they are environmentally-friendly - Sara -- Queensbury, NY

10. Try making your meals at home and freezing them. Also, freeze OJ and other juices - Anna -- North Tonawanda, NY

11. For toilet paper, use Ziploc bags to keep it dry and the bugs out - Sara -- Queensbury, NY

12. No dogs allowed - Maria -- Huntington Station, NY

13. First night is so crazy, after unpacking, getting organized, and setting up tents. Do something really easy. Our favorite first meal night is Phillips Frozen Crab Cakes, which cooks in minutes. Serve with white wine for an elegant meal in minutes - Sara -- Queensbury, NY

14. Bring a waist belt for your walks, keeps your hands free with the essentials always nearby - Rick -- Paterson, NJ

15. Please don't bring in firewood from home or out of state as it may contain foreign pests such as the Emerald Ash Borer. Please buy locally on your way in - Rick -- Paterson, NJ

16. The Narrows are the northern most islands, ideal for those with fast boats - Sara -- Queensbury, NY

17. Stay close to the Glen Island Store for ice cream and buying anything you missed. Ideal if traveling from Bolton or on a speedboat - Sara -- Queensbury, NY

18. Long Island is ideal for larger groups and families as it's the closest to the southern basin and Lake George Village - Anna -- North Tonawanda, NY

19. Tired of the toilet paper falling down? Make a toilet paper holder! Requires two nails and short rope to go between the nails. Voila, a week of clean toilet paper. The little things in life make it nice - Mark -- Pittsfield, MA

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