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3670 Lake Shore Drive
Diamond Point, NY 12824


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Let me start by saying the rooms are fine and clean BUT are certainly no steal of a deal--plus we stay in the off season. The hotel efficiency's are small but the bed is comfortable. The cabins are all being updated and are nice, the best part is having a full kitchen. There is a Large house you can rent on the hill-which is epic. Well decorated, great views and lots of bedrooms and massive open floor kitchen living room with balcony. I have stayed in all of them and have first hand direct knowledge of each. I will also say, for perspective, all neighboring properties are cheaper. I have chosen those over BL for price a few times. The competitors rooms are very comparable and clean, just dated. Although they may have less extra perks-beach boat dock things like that. There is a nice but small open field in the middle to throw a frisbee and what not. Parking is fine with well marked spots. The WIFI is great which was added in the past few years and was really needed because up until that there was no service. Blue Lagoon has a great but small beach with a boat launch right in the middle of it. The water is well marked with buoys and also has many Adirondack chairs and a tiny swing set area. They have row boats and such for you to use. They used to have a crappy ping pong table, I don't think that's been replaced. The dock is decrepit, off balance, dangerous and narrow. We (about 50+) have stayed here for about a decade straight. Always in September on what may or may not be their last weekend open for the season. We always rent the entire place out. We have never been given a discount or group rate. We have handicapped family so it is one of the only locations ON Lake George that all the cabins are on one level. For this reason we can not leave. When we first started coming we were provided a fair amount of wood for each night. For the past few years they have been extremely stingy and down right disrespectful with the offerings. They have actually given us construction debris a couple times as our wood for the night. I'm talking interior wood trim and paneling with full blown nails and stuff (pics attached). When we have approached them asking for more wood and explained we are even willing to buy it, they provide soaking wet wood that won't burn or just ignore it or give us barely any at all. They have instructed us to get fetch it ourselves from a scrap pile across the street. Does it make sense to have people carrying wood cross Route 9N on a blind corner. Not to mention the fire pit has been falling apart for years. They have done continuous upgrades to the property which is amazing but you can't help but wonder if this "bonus" weekend we provide to them doesn't help cover some of those costs. We are not looking for something for nothing. Furthermore they are so short sighted they could be profiting by providing an additional service. Again we have no choice to leave and they must know that. So hey take advantage of your biggest most consistent customer-cool! Events

  • Lake George Winterfest
    Today until Friday, Mar 11, 2022
    The Lake George Winterfest wristband gets you major discounts to area hotels and restaurants, along with a memorable winter experience, that includes horse-drawn carriage rides and an activity of your...
  • Armchair Olympics (Virtual Trivia)
    This exciting virtual challenge will have you and your team completing a range of trivia, audio, puzzle, photo, and video challenges, all from the comfort of your home. The aim...
  • Adirondack Thunder vs. Trois-Rivieres
    See the Adirondack Thunder take on the Trois-Rivieres at Cool Insuring Arena! The puck drops at 7:00PM.
  • Forest Ice Bar at the Holiday Inn Resort
    Friday, Jan 28, 2022 until Saturday, Jan 29, 2022
    The Forest Ice Bar is back! Look forward to creative drinks, food specials, and more.
  • Glacier Ice Bar & Lounge at The Sagamore
    Friday, Jan 28, 2022 until Saturday, Jan 29, 2022
    The ninth annual Glacier Ice Bar & Lounge at The Sagamore Resort is one of the coolest events in the Northeast. See the transformation of 18,000 pounds of crystal-clear ice...
  • Funky Ice Fest
    Friday, Jan 28, 2022 until Saturday, Jan 29, 2022
    The Grooviest Ice Bar in the Adirondacks! Ice Bars, Handcrafted cocktails made from Local Spirits, ADK Brewery Beer, Ice Sculptures, Food Specials, Vintage Vinyl, Dancing, and more!
  • Live at the LGBC: Scott Smith & ABYWST
    Friday, Jan 28, 2022
    Scott Smith goes on at 5pm, ABYWST at 8pm.
  • Adirondack Thunder vs. Reading Royals
    Friday, Jan 28, 2022
    See the Adirondack Thunder take on the Reading Royals at Cool Insuring Arena! The puck drops at 7:00PM.
  • Live at the LGBC: Chuck Kelsey & Skeeter Creek
    Saturday, Jan 29, 2022
    Chuck Kelsey goes on at 4pm, Skeeter Creek at 8pm.
  • A Night Under the Stars - Lake George Winter Carnival Kickoff
    Saturday, Jan 29, 2022
    The Lake George Winter Carnival presents: A Night Under the Stars, a 60th Anniversary Kickoff Event, hosted by the Lake George Beach Club. The $40 ticket includes dinner, wine, and...
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