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Go Lazy River Tubing Near Lake George With Adirondack Adventure Center

For longer rides, guided and self-guided tours, and raved-about guides, choose Adirondack Adventure Center for lazy river tubing near Lake George. Discover why this is a must-do activity when you're in the Lake George region!

lazy river tubers on the water

Longer Tubing Trips Are More Cost-Effective Trips

At $39 for adults and $34 for kids 12 and under, Adirondack Adventure Center in Lake Luzerne charges rates comparable to or lower than those of other area tubing companies (group rates are available). However, you get more bang for your buck when you're out on the water longer!

Instead of two-hour trips, a tubing adventure with Adirondack Adventure Center is upwards of three hours (including transportation). Not only are you on the river longer, but it's a shorter shuttle ride to and from the facility to the river access point.

Because Adirondack Adventure Center has their own land along the shore of the Hudson River, they've been able to add a storage facility to keep tubes and lifejackets on site. That means less time loading and unloading, and, again - more time on the water!

lazy river tubers entering the water

Private River Access = A Smoother & Safer Adventure

If you've ever gone for a lazy river tubing adventure, but had to spend 30 minutes in a shuttle or bus bumping along a dirt road to get to and from the water, no worries.

The short shuttle ride from Adirondack Adventure Center to their private river access point is on completely paved roads. Not only will you have an amazing adventure once you get to the water, but you can enjoy the (short) ride there, too.

super relaxed lazy river tuber

Customize the Best Tubing Trip for You

Most lazy river tubing expeditions are guided, and Adirondack Adventure Center offers this option. But if you'd like to go at your own pace, there is a new way to tube at Adirondack Adventure Center, with self-guided tours.

Tubers can start earlier and spend more time on the water, taking the time to enjoy the scenery and maybe stop for a break or to eat lunch. Adirondack Adventure Center has their own private beach and private island to explore!

Regardless of what time you head out, tubers just have to make sure they're off the river by 5:30pm.

inside harris grocery store in lake luzerne

Need Food? You're Covered

Adirondack Adventure Center now owns the neighboring Harris Grocery. It's easy to pick up a breakfast sandwich or a snack before you head out on the water - or you can bring your own food. Floating coolers are available to rent, or you can bring your own.

With options to buy or bring food, guided and self-guided tours, and more time slots open during tubing time, it's easy to tailor your adventure to you and your group.

lazy river tubers with guide

The Guides Elevate the Experience Above & Beyond

Although you may go for a self-guided tour, if you do opt for a guided adventure, you can be rest assured that you're in a great hands. One look at Adirondack Adventure Center's reviews and you'll see the guides names come up again and again.

Here are a few Google reviews that speak to the guides:

  1. "As always an AMAZING time! This is our third year in a row celebrating our wedding anniversary tubing with these guys! Props to our guides: Tiger, Isaac, and Rylie! Definitely put this on your 'must-do' list, you WON'T forget it!"
  2. "Great tubing and scenery. Wonderful adventure down the Hudson. For tubing it's the best - excellent service and safety. First timers but still relaxing and enjoyable. Our guides were Tyler and Rylie. Terrific. Kept us all together, watched over us, made us feel safe, and helped us make the turns when needed. Lucky to have had them."
  3. "If you are in Lake George you need to go tubing with Adirondack Adventure Center! This year we had Jack and Danny as guides, last year we had Toby and Damien. I cannot say enough good things about the guides and the experience on the lazy river."
whitewater rafters on the left, treetop adventure girl on the right

Want More Adventure? Opt for a Combo

Although tubing is at the core of Adirondack Adventure Center, with this activity being the first they ever opened, they have added on whitewater rafting and treetop adventures over the years. And if you want to experience it all - you can!

In fact, you can save money when you buy two adventures in one. They offer:

  • Lazy River Tubing & Whitewater Rafting, starting at $72
  • Lazy River Tubing & Treetop Adventures, starting at $72
  • Whitewater Rafting & Treetop Adventures, starting at $82

Adirondack Adventure Center uses SOTAR rafts for whitewater rafting, which are considered to be among the best of the best as far as rafts are concerned. SOTAR rafts are hand-built one at a time with exceptional craftsmanship using high-quality materials.

If you've never whitewater rafted before, Adirondack Adventure Center is a great place to start. The Class II and Class III rapids give you a taste of what to expect from more robust Class IV or V rapids.

The treetop adventure course allows you to experience the Lake George region from high in the trees, making your way through over 60 unique obstacles and over 20 ziplines. Why not experience on-the-water and off-the-water fun while in Lake George?

exterior of adirondack adventure center

Get Your Questions Answered & Know What to Bring

The best part about lazy river tubing is arguably the fact that you get to relax on the water with your family or friends, going at your own pace, but still sticking together - and this is especially important if you're bringing kids.

If you're wondering whether you can link your tubes together and stay close (and so your children don't float away) - you can! And, kids as young as 2 can lazy river tube, so bring the whole family. (Whitewater rafting and treetop adventures start as young as 5.)

If you're interested in a self-guided tour, and wondering why you can't just buy some tubes and go at it on your own, here's the reason: the logistics of transportation. You'd need to bring two cars, one for where you get in the river, and one down at the end where you get out. 

Adirondack Adventure Center provides the tubes, the lifejackets, the transportation - everything you need. Plan your trip so you can get floating and not have to worry about all the logistics. Just bring the following and you're good to go:

  • Lunch or snacks (your own, or from Harris Grocery...alcohol is allowed, but no glass)
  • Footwear (it will get wet)
  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
lazy river tubers on the water

Book Your Tubing Tour Today

Adirondack Adventure Center is in Lake Luzerne, about 10 minutes from Lake George. If you're in the area, you can't let the summer go by without a lazy river tubing adventure, and now you know all the reasons to choose Adirondack Adventure Center!

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