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Dog-Friendly Hikes, Parks & Beaches In The Lake George Area

One of the best parts about having a dog is being able to take him or her out and about with you! Below, you'll find trails, parks, and beaches where dogs are allowed. Always remember to follow proper dog etiquette.

two dogs in fenced in dog park area

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Hiking Trails

Dogs are allowed on many trails in Lake George and the Adirondacks. Here are some that are manageable for healthy, medium-sized dogs:

Depending on the size, age, and fitness level of your dog, you will want to research all trails beforehand to make sure they are appropriate.

Tips & Etiquette for Hiking with Dogs

  • Bring adequate supplies for your dog including:
    • A collapsable dish and plenty of water
    • Snacks or a small amount of food
    • Bags or a shovel/trowel for disposing of waste
    • A basic first aid kit
    • ID tags and a recent photo
    • Paw covers or a jacket if necessary
    • Blaze orange apparel during hunting season
  • Be aware of local leash laws
  • If your dog is off-leash, don't let them leave your sight
  • Only bring well-trained, well-behaved dogs on trails
  • Be respectful of other hikers and other dogs you may pass
  • Keep your dog from disturbing the wilderness
  • Research the trail ahead of time so you know what to expect

After Your Hike

  • Check yourself and your dog thoroughly for ticks
  • Remove any burrs, twigs, or other debris that may have gotten caught in your dog's fur
  • Bathe your dog if necessary to clean away dirt and pollen

Parks & Preserves

Lake George Recreation Center Dog Park

Located at the end of Transfer Road in Lake George you'll find a recreation park with sports fields. Within this park is Lake George's designated dog park. This space is free to visitors and locals. There is a large dog area as well as a small dog area all fenced in for safety! Keep this space clean by picking up after your dog.

Leashed dogs are also allowed in the following Lake George area parks and preserves:

  • Amy's Park
  • Anthony's Nose Preserve
  • Berry Pond Forest Preserve
  • Charles R. Wood Park
  • Cook Mountain Preserve
  • Crandall Park
  • Hovey Pond Park
  • Last Great Shoreline Preserve
  • Peggy's Point
  • The Pinnacle
  • Pole Hill Pond Forest Preserve
  • Terzian Woodlot

Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs and to obey all leash laws. Only well-trained, well-behaved dogs should be brought into the aforementioned parks and preserves.

Note that dogs are not allowed in Shepard Park or Usher Park.


"Dog Beach" is the stretch of state-owned land in between the Lake George Steamboat Company docks and Million Dollar Beach on Beach Road in Lake George Village. Although it isn't an official beach, it is commonly understood by locals and visitors to be a great place to let your dog frolic in the water.

Be aware that most dogs at Dog Beach are off-leash, so you should only bring your dog there if he or she is obedient and friendly. As always, pick up after your dog.

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