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Professional Interior & Exterior House Painters
blue house with white window frames and two garage doors 1-800-PAINT-JOB specializes in interior and exterior house painting.
blue house with white window frames The company serves Warren, Washington, and Saratoga counties.
brown house with white window frames They'll work with you to create a game plan on how to systematically paint your project.
painter in house 1-800-PAINT-JOB uses their own employees, not subcontractors.
space ready to be painted or was just painted All your personal items will be protected during the painting process.
windows painted They'll develop a painting map that reduces the amount of intrusion in your daily life.
blue walls in a room of a house Paint colors are important, and the team can offer suggestions based on the purpose of the room.
white shelves on a wall The little extra prep time will ensure everything comes out perfectly.
salmon colored walls around a fireplace during construction project You'll love the final result of your freshly painted walls.
living room with furniture and white walls After everything is done, they'll do a thorough cleaning and move everything back to their original locations.
man with paint job shirt on This is a local company, not a franchise, backed by decades of experience with professional painting.
paint job truck in front of house Visit their website to learn more and get a free estimate!


1-800-PAINT-JOB in Queensbury, NY has over 30 years of experience with professional interior and exterior house painting, and their service area includes Warren, Washington, and Saratoga counties. Hire them for your next painting project today!

What You Get With 1-800-PAINT-JOB

1-800-PAINT-JOB is not a franchise, it's a local, professional company that proudly serves New York's Capital Region and the southern Adirondacks. They use their own employees, not subcontractors, who will work with you during the estimating process to determine your goals and needs. You'll then get a free estimate addressing any concerns along with a few suggestions of their own.

The company specializes in both interior and exterior painting, and the team at 1-800-PAINT-JOB will take care of every little detail, from covering floors, vanities, light fixtures, and furniture with light plastic or rosin paper, to working with you to decide on color choices.

Every decision at 1-800-PAINT-JOB begins with the following question, "What's Best For Your Customer?" Their goal is to ensure every customer is fully satisfied with the result of their painting project.

Ready to get started? Visit their website for info and to receive a free estimate!

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