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Johnsburg & North Creek New York - Two Quaint Adirondack Hamlets In Upstate NY

North Creek is a cozy Adirondack hamlet within the town of Johnsburg. Logging and lumbering became a major industry via the Hudson River, providing jobs and a strong economic base that infused the economy of this rural area with life. Its early days saw the vigorous growth of sawmills, tanneries, and fabric mills that turned the area from a thickly forested wilderness to a thriving mercantile concern.

The town of Johnsburg is the largest in Warren County NY. It includes the hamlets of North Creek, Johnsburg, Bakers Mills, North River, Riparius and Wevertown. The village of North Creek is quaint, with antique shops, restaurants, and historic buildings and homes lining its main street. The Hudson Health Headwaters Network has a site here that provides quality healthcare to all the residents of the area.


The economic success of this area in the Adirondacks owes its growth mainly to the business of tourism and outdoor recreation. Gore Mountain Ski Center provides jobs for many, not only at the ski center itself but in the village as well.

In winter this tiny town is a busy, bustling winter wonderland, with skiers, snowboarders, and lodge-lovers enjoying the Adirondack ambiance. Spring and summer are taken up with whitewater rafting and water sports. As a result, the quest to cement this area as a year-round vacation spot has resulted in increased interest in economic development. The area is poised to accept the challenges and benefits of plans for incoming Adirondack Real Estate development and an economic resurgence based on its natural resources.

Garnet mining remains a viable industry to this day. The Barton Mines Company in Johnsburg is the largest garnet producer in the United States, actively mining this mineral for commercial use.


Gore Mountain Ski Area provides an impressive menu of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and winter activities galore! Summer brings a more relaxed atmosphere, with a focus on hiking, biking, and white-water rafting. Mountain biking is a fast-growing industry, and bike touring along the scenic routes and back country North-Woods roads in the Adirondacks is a traditional treasure.

The Upper Hudson River Railroad provides a singular experience with special events that include scenic journeys, a historic train station, and special seasonal events.

Residents of this small but active community are its best advertisement, taking part in most of the local activities and enjoying outdoor sports regularly. The impact and influence of this area on the greater Adirondack Mountain area is significant, in large part due to the determination and vision of its residents. This is a welcoming and dynamic community, with a lot to offer anyone looking for a rewarding year-round living experience. Click HERE to Find Upstate New York Real Estate in North Creek and Johnsburg.

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