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About Brant Lake : A Picturesque Getaway in Upstate NY

Interested in Brant Lake Real Estate in Upstate NY? Read more about this unique community in the Adirondacks.

Brant Lake, NY

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Tucked in the Eastern corner of the Adirondack Park, not far from Bolton Landing, lies both the small hamlet of Brant Lake and the six miles of pristine water for which the area was named. As part of Horicon, Brant Lake is a close community which takes great pride in the beauty of its natural surroundings, particularly in the quality and upkeep of the lake itself.


Anyone who enjoys being outdoors will find a place here. Mountain bikers will take pleasure in cycling on the many backroads and rugged terrain that sprawl across the Brant Lake area. Watersports lovers will adore the matchless waters of the lake for boating, swimming, and skiing. Have an avid fisherman in the family? They’ll appreciate the selection of large & smallmouth bass, brown trout, pickerel, panfish, and more challenging catches that frequent the lake. In the winter, you can stay outdoors with the miles of well-maintained snowmobiling tracks and stay on the lake though the practiced tradition of ice-fishing. And for the quieter soul, Brant Lake’s placement in the Adirondacks gives the gift of picturesque scenery and incredible sunsets.


Calm and out of the way, but Brant Lake can still boast of its own share of history. Its Summer Mountain Lodge is still generating business with over 150 years of experience behind it. Many summer camps held in Brant Lake have long histories too, including one that is nearly a century old. And Brant Lake was one of the homes of John K. Porter, who judged in the case against the infamous Charles Guiteau, assassin of President Garfield.

Communal, and Proud!

Though Brant Lake has been settled for over 200 years, the region is largely unspoiled and natural. The lake water in particular has been consistently rated with the second-highest measurement of quality possible for the past fifteen years. This is the same rating that nearby Lake George receives, and no body of water in New York has a higher measurement of quality. The Brant Lake Association, a strong community-based organization, has dedicated itself to maintaining the eminence of its lake, and to bringing the people together towards a common goal.

Together with its natural gifts and the offer of a community that feels like family, Brant Lake is a peaceful and perfect place to start your life, raise a family, retire, or all three. Search Brant Lake Real Estate.

Interested in getting more information about Brant Lake NY? Call the local Chamber of Commerce service at (518) 494-2722 or visit the North Warren Chamber of Commerce website.