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Wetlands to be Restored in Lake George, NY

LAKE GEORGE NY -- It is widely known that Lake George is one of the cleanest lakes in New York State - in fact, no body of water in NY has a higher rating for cleanliness. Many residents of Lake George Village depend on the pristine lake as their source of drinking water.

Near West Brook, just off of Route 9, the former Gaslight Village (or Lake George Action Park) rests, waiting to step aside for a new restorative project. Though its impact is small, West Brook is one of the largest pollution factors of Lake George.

The closed amusement park rests on former wetlands, which were filled in over a century ago for the use of timber mills and rail yards.

Wetlands, though they may seem stinky and ugly, are actually incredible natural filters.

Without the marsh area, Lake George has been receiving direct runoff from Route 9, which includes contaminants and sediments, both of which negatively impact the water quality of our Queen of American Lakes. A natural filtering system like a wetland could cut back on this pollution, and make the waters of Lake George even more immaculate.

Lake George - clean and beautiful

Lake George - clean and pristine

With the restoration of the wetlands, estimates say that the new system would collect almost 100% of sediment and stop the flow of over 50% of other nutrients, which hurt plant life.

However, the "park" theme will not completely disappear. Plans are in motion to install an environmental educational park around the wetland area.

By re-instating wetlands and building an area to learn about the environment, the hope is to boost both the health of the lake and the awareness of its residents.