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Alternative Beaches to Explore While Lake George (Million Dollar) Beach Investigation is Underway

The DEC announced that Million Dollar Beach in Lake George is closed through Friday, June 23, while a four-day, multi-agency investigation is underway to aggressively track down potential sources of E. coli and eliminate the contamination. We’ll cover what is happening and the many other area beaches you can enjoy in the meantime.

Other Great Lake George Beaches To Explore

If you haven’t tried the area’s many other beachesyou might just discover a new favorite among the the options available.

There are also beaches in Hague and Huletts Landing, as well as several other locations. Check out the full list below for all the options.

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What Steps Are Being Taken at Million Dollar Beach?

To find the source of E. coli contamination, the DEC has partnered with the Town of Lake George, the Village of Lake George, the Lake George Park Commission, the Lake Champlain/Lake George Regional Planning Board, the Lake George Association, and the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District.

“This is an unprecedented occurrence on our lake that demands a swift response,” Village of Lake George Mayor Robert Blais said in a press release distributed today. “The Village of Lake George has committed all available staff and resources and is working closely with DEC to resolve the problem and protect our beautiful lake.”

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos stated, “DEC is committed to finding and eliminating the bacteria causing this contamination and ensuring visitors to Lake George’s Million Dollar Beach have clean water to swim in. Our scientists and engineers are tracking down every possible source of contamination. We’re also working closely with our state, local and county partners to make sure the beach is a safe and enjoyable spot to visit this summer.”

The team met yesterday and will reconvene on Friday to evaluate their individual findings and determine the best course of action.

Over the next few days, while extensive daily water quality monitoring continues to take place, the DEC’s Microbial Source Trackdown and Tributary Monitoring Teams will:

The DEC is also addressing one other potential source of contamination – waterfowl. While early samples of the E. coli tested negative for avian bacteria, the department wants to test samples with higher E. coli levels to be sure. In the meantime, they have installed signage to not feed the waterfowl and prisms to deter the presence of the birds on the beach.

The DEC states they will be sharing additional information on the investigation at Million Dollar Beach as it is made available on the DEC website.

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